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Although some may deny it, last week during the selections, when the enemy teams gazed around, attempting to discern who the greatest opponent might...

TEAM ICE – 2nd Place // KPL TEAM BATTLE 2023

The last glacial period occurred well over 100,000 years ago, and since then, the earth has been slowly melting, causing rivers to flow, oceans...


Along with inclusivity and collaboration, the Team Battle acts as a platform to exercise creative expression, and beyond the short list of requirements, and...

TEAM NAVY – 4th Place // KPL TEAM BATTLE 2023

In 1748, officers in the Royal Navy were adorned in dark blue, and ever since, the color has subsequently been adopted by other navies...


Team Gold, captained by Brandon Shied was packed with talent, including ALEX LEWIS-HUGHES, SENSI GRAVES, NICK BAINES, DEVIN CARBOLL, And KRISTEN COOPER. Throughout the...

Patagonia: Park is not Dead 

By Ryan “Rygo” Goloversic and Ramiro Gallart Photos by Andre Magarao History  Watching the city lights below grow larger, I felt the familiar mix of stiff legs, excitement...

Visit Qatar GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup | Day Two

Stream two of day two: The first event of the season at a brand new kiteboarding hotspot, Fuwairit Kite Beach in Qatar! Mika Sol...

Kite World Cup Brazil | Day One Highlights

The final freestyle stop of the Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour season at Taiba got off to an incredible start on day one....

KPL Team Battle – BBQ & Natural features

Day 2 Day two of the Team Battle brought a change of scenery to Hood River with a momentary pause in the river’s notoriously consistent...

KPL Team Battle – Course Preview.

Hello world, welcome to day five of the Team Battle. Along with the warm welcome of the western breeze, the Slider Project is happy...

KNOT FUTURE: “All Good In The Hood?” – AJL-H

Alexander Lewis-Hughes (Rowdy) went an early season strike mission to Hood River to find out whether it's still, "All Good In The Hood?". "High water...

KPL Team Battle – Recap Day 1

Since the birth of park riding, Hood River has thrived in promoting and supporting its continuation. After the inundation of a global pandemic, which...

KF/CPR003 “Better than Winging”

Thankfully park is "knot" dead. The guys and girls are ripping the park in Hood River, OR. Great work by the Knot Future crew...

Best Launch In The Gorge – KF/CPR001 – Knot Future

Our park missions were put on hold by a run of unfortunate events we all know too well and naming our last movie "Death...


“Feast your eyes on the new Duotone Park Feature and some of the most creative and technical riding to ever go down in this...

The Women of the KPL

COMPILED BY SENSI GRAVES The Kite Park League is the premier kiteboarding competition series for professional-level park style kiteboarding. Park style is a stylish and...

Christophe Tack Joins the Naish Team

Maui, Hawaii – The Naish team is getting bigger and better as the year progresses and we are stoked to share Christophe Tack will be...

Champions are Crowned!

The 2019 KPL season comes to a close after an insane week of competition at the Kite Mansion Open presented by Wind Voyager Authentic...

Tasmania Kitesurfing – Naish 2020 Torch shoot

Behind the scenes look at Naish's 2020 Torch shoot in Tasmania with pro kiteboarder Ewan Japan, Katie Potter and two of Naish's up and...

Aaron Hadlow – TWENTY | FULL MOVIE

The must see kitesurfing movie of the year! 2019 marks 20th year since Aaron Hadlow first flew a kite. We took this milestone as...

2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – RESULTS!

The 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational was a huge success! The world's best wakestyle kiteboarders battled it out for their share of the $70,000...

2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – Behind the Scenes pt. 4

Finals day, slider building, Hadlow's movie and more! Tune into https://www.triplesinvitational.com/ to find out the final results and more!  

2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – Finals Day Action

Finals Day was lit! We finished up Round 2 and all of the Finals Round. Stay tuned to https://www.triplesinvitational.com/ for the results!  

2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – Behind the Scenes pt. Three

Tom Court takes us behind the scenes of the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S.  

2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – Round One Recap

Your Round One winners are... Tune into https://www.triplesinvitational.com/ for more action!  

Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – Day 2 Action

Day Two of the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational saw some strong North wind. Tune into https://www.triplesinvitational.com/ for more highlights and a Round one recap!  

Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational | Day One Action

On water action with SW winds for the first day on riding at the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S.

Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – Behind the Scenes pt. 2

Wind on the first day of the contest, trucks, triple-s lagers, and more.  

Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – Behind the Scenes

This is what happens while the Open runs... Everyone is getting ready for the contest!  

2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Open Winners

Congratulations to Aaron Roberts and Nadja Bianchet for crushing it during the #WindVoyagerTripleS Open! Good luck in the contest!

Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational 2019 Open Highlights

The men and women (woman) threw down for the #WindVoyagerTripleS Open!    

Karolina Winkowska – Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational 2019 Pre-Show

Trip Forman and Jason Slezak talk to defending Triple-S champion Karolina Winkowska about her time off the water, equal pay, and what's to come...


The crew put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the Vegas shoot in Puerto Rico, plus they got lucky with conditions and...

2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Pre-Show

It's time! Welcome to the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Pre Show. Event Co-Founders, Trip Forman and Jason Slezak break down everything you need to know...

Part #5 – Aaron En La Playa

Part #5 of 5 in the "En La Playa" video series from Duotone Kiteboarding featuring. Rider: Aaron Hadlow Camera : Carlos Guzman : Vincent Bergeron Edit: Vincent...

Finals Day | GKA Freestyle World Cup 2019 | Leucate, France

Check out what went down on the final day of the GKA Freestyle World Cup in Leucate, France, as the howling wind and big...

Billy Parker – Peer Pressure Interview

This issue we asked Billy Parker's friends, and fellow pro-riders, to help us expose this top Florida ripper. Billy Parker is sponsored by Eleveight...

2018 Hood Jam – Final Results

It would be an understatement to say this years Hood Jam event scored epic Kiteboarding conditions. Ian Daly (local rider and judge for the...

2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Highlights Video – Judging Behind the Scenes

The 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational was out of this world, to say the least. From the heats to the dancefloor, the everyone brought...

2018 Triple-S Results & Post Show

The final Triple-S Results are in! The 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational was bigger and better than ever, with more riders, bigger bands and...

Elliot Drury kiteboarding at Oliphant, Ontario

Elliot Drury returns from down under for a summer of riding at his home stomping grounds of Oliphant, Ontario. Located just north of Sauble...

Kite Park League – Philippines 2017 – Official Video

This is the official event video for the 1st stop on the Kite Park League 2017 world tour in the Philippines. It was an...

2017 Triple-S Results

The 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational results are in... The Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational took place June 3rd-9th, 2017 on Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, in...

2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Full Video Coverage

And the 2017 Triple-S winner is...   Sam Light joins us for Episode 4 to break down what it's like to ride the John Wayne Cancer...

2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S – Finals

The level of competition has never been higher in the REAL Slick. Monday, June 5th provided breeze steadily increasing through the day, enabling us...

2017 Triple-S Invitational preview

Internationally recognized as the crown jewel of wakestyle kiteboarding competition, the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational will showcase the talents of the most progressive...

The Bubble! Coming Soon…

It’s a full length kiteboarding film, shot on 4k and film and will feature Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunningham, Noe Font, Colleen Carroll, Stefan Spiessberger...

2017 Solaire Blue Palawan Open Winners

It was a successful first stop at the Kite Park League World Tour 2017 at the Solaire Blue Kiteboard Open 2017. It was an epic...

Day 6 Solaire Blue Open 2017 – A tropical palawan lifestyle

A tropical winter kind of life at Palawan Island as viewed by the riders of #SolaireBlueOpen2017  

Men’s Finals at Solaire Blue Open 2017

The day saw the start of the men's finals here in Blue Palawan. The sun was out, and the wind was up, as the men...

Double Backmobe With Alex Pastor

"The Double Half Cab is one trick that caught most people’s attention this season, because it’s so different to the tricks we’ve been doing. The...

Who’s That: Will Palmer

Will Palmer grew up in St Petersburg, Florida. Fun fact: St. Pete holds the guiness world record for most consecutive days of sunshine at...

PARAíSO – Antoine Verville

"This is a short and personal kite edit from the lagune of Bara Nova to lagoinha, Brazil. Those Lagoon was amazing, the wind was there...

Five Questions with: Andre Phillip

Interview by John Bryja  photo by Toby Bromwich One man that needs no introduction in kiteboarding is Andre Phillip. He is a multiple Triple-S champion and...

2017 LFK Echo

For Brandon Scheid's 2017 pro model Echo promo video, he decided to make the most hammers park/wakestyle edit you can think of.  He collaborated with...

Carlos Mario – 2016 World Kiteboarding League Champion

Carlos Mario is the male 2016 WKL Freestyle Champion. This video highlights his achievement over the different World Kiteboarding League events of 2016.

The 2016 World Kiteboarding League Champions

There could not have been a more perfect ending to our 2016 season than this final at the Aircalin Kitesurf Pro in New Caledonia....

Ariel Corniel in Sicily

Naish's Ariel Corniel,  sets sail from his home of the Dominican Republic to find his own slice of freestyle paradise in Sicily.  

Taiba Frothing

Compilation of last season in Taiba. Shot by: Vincent Bergeron, Sam Medysky Riders: Ewan Jaspan,  Hannah Whitley, Bruna Kajiya, Chris Simpson, Paula Novotna', Rita Arnaus, Val Garat, Paul Serin, Noe Font, Sensi Graves, Colleen Carroll, David Drinkwater, Oswald...

Kite Park League UK Event video

Day 4 action from the Kite Park League event in Wales.

2016 Pringles Kitesurf Fehmarn Highlights

A 26 minute recap of all the best and most exciting moments of the 2016 Pringles Kitesurf World Cup in Fehmarn Germany. For more information...

Reflection with Aaron Hadlow

Every living person in our world has to find the time to pause and look at its reflection in order to continue with the...

Pringles Kitesurf World Cup Day Five

Day Five in Fehmarn, Germany, started with a bang. After another early 7am skipper's meeting, the much anticipated Men's Freestyle Main Event finally got underway. The conditions were a...

Light & Lammerts take the win!

In an exciting conclusion to an epic week, Sam Light and Annelous Lammerts come out victorious. Following Sam Light were Brandon Scheid in second...

Exciting Finale for the 2016 Hood Jam

Sunshine and clear skies surrounded the Columbia River Gorge this morning allowing the trusted thermal winds to kick in and funnel down the corridor...

Savage Mode – (Kiteboarding Movie)

"BP and I travel around Florida from St. Pete to the Fl Keys with his mobile kite park feeding off one anothers hits to...

Hood Jam Day 5 – Finish of Semis, Start of Men’s Finals

Into the Finals... Although today's forecast looked promising, an unexpected shift in the wind direction made conditions gusty and variable at the Slider Project park...

STOKED in the Hood

"Little dirty edit from Hood River last couple days... The dog days of summer are here and livings easy!"—Lance Koudele

Mercedes-Benz presents Craig Cunningham

Port Dover, Canada's Craig Cunningham is a media machine of late, generating non-stop coverage for himself and the sport. Check out this video campaign...

DUSK TILL DAWN feat. Oswald Smith and Reider Decker

Reider Decker and Oswald Smith team up with the Airush Reefer Collection to ride waves and flatwater. You can check out the full Reefer Collection...


The 2017 Airush Team and Diamond Collection is the first launch of Airush's 2017 range. Focusing on specific disciplines of kiteboarding, these collections identify...


Highlights from the 5th day of competition at the WKT Youth Cup. The fifth day of the Youth Cup 2016 in Costa Brava saw an immediate start...

Time at Home 2 – Tom Court

"It has always been my time at home on the Isle of Wight that has set me up for the traveling that I do...

Party Boat Mix – Chris Bobryk

Chris Bobryk between deserted island sessions & party boats enjoys a good mix in the Caribbean! Turks & Caicos Islands & Grand Cayman Island.  

Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras – Ewan Jaspan

"After the Wind Voyager Triple-S I managed to get a solid day filming with Aymeric, Annelous and Alex. Pretty happy with the clips I...

Men’s Finals Highlights: 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational

The top 12 finishers from Men’s Round 1 (top 4 men from each of the three Round 1 Heats) progressed to the Finals at...

CORE GTS4 – Freestyle Ninja. Megaloop Machine. And more.

CORE releases its new: CORE GTS4 and GTS4 LW Freestyle Ninja. Megaloop Machine. And more. Meet the newest member of the Universal+ Series: The indomitable GTS4....

Triple-S Round 1 Women’s video

Hey Ladies! The women are stepping up their game. Here are highlights from the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational opening round. #WindVoyagerTripleS

Triple-S Round 1 Men’s Highlight Video

Day 1 of the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational launched with perfect southwest winds in the world famous REAL Slick & Slider Park. With...

Christophe Tack lands first ever 900 in kite park competition at 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S

Liquid Force international team rider Christophe Tack lands the first ever 900 in a kite park competition at 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S. Christophe won...

2016 Triple-S Day 1 Photos

Action at the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitation was full on with 20-30 knot conditions powering riders through the first full round of competition....

Triple-S Qualifier Photos and video

Congratulations to open qualifier winners Manuela Jungo, Will Palmer, and Amyeric Martin. They have moved onto the main event.


Not many kiting events have pioneered and blazed new paths for the sport like the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. In fact, none have. With a...

Designing the REAL Slider Park Graphics

Designing the REAL Slider Park Graphics || 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Take an inside look at how the REAL Slider Park graphics are completely...

Freeride Project 3… The Movie

This is the third instalment of the #freerideproject movie series! FRP3 As our schedules get more and more hectic as the years go on, it has become...

Neverland – Featuring Felipe “Hulk” Macedo

Neverland its the dream of any kiteboarder, the place where the only thing that grows up its your riding style and tricks! Felipe Macedo its...

2016 Naish Park HD Review

REVIEW SYNOPSIS: Ready to pop-and-play in your local park, a refined legend reborn with optimal depower and smooth powered loops. Sizes Tested (m): 9, 12 Sizes Available...

2016 Leucate Grand Slam Highlights / Freestyle

With no more wind on the final day of the 2016 IKA Kiteboarding Grand Slam Leucate, Mario, Pastor, Zoon and Spiessberger ended up equal...

Pro Tour – Mario and Winkowska win Freestyle in El Gouna

Freestyle action from day two of the 2016 El Gouna Kiteboarding Grand Slam An early start once again saw riders in the water at 7am,...

2016 El Gouna Grand Slam Day 1

Freestyle action from day one of the 2016 El Gouna Kiteboarding Grand Slam Day one started early for both riders and staff with qualifications kicking...

RENDEZ-VOUS ft. Bruna Kajiya & Colleen Carroll

Bruna Kajiya & Colleen Carroll meet up for a quick and dynamic session. EDIT: Vincent Bergeron SUPPORTED BY: northkiteboarding.com airush.com ion-products.com mysticboarding.com sensigravesbikinis.com

HABITUAL – Craig Cunningham

"Every fall I make the pilgrimage to the sleepy fishing village of Taiba on the Ceara coast of Brazil.  It's windy everyday, glassy flat...

Hood River Slider Jam 2015

ESBO.TV brings us a recap of all the action from this years Hood River Slider Jam which took place over August 2015 in...Hood River,...

The Slider Project – Indiegogo Campaign

The Slider Project is a community organization dedicated to growing the sport of Kiteboarding by creating the largest free standing kite park in the...

Without A Jersey – Cape Town / Stefan Spiessberger

Spiessberger in Cape Town, third part of the "Without a Jersey" series. About Spiessberger / facebook.com/stefan.spiessberger.kiteboarding Sponsors / North Kiteboarding - Marc O'Polo - Energie AG -...

Girls Addicted: An LF Love Affair

The women of team Liquid Force know how to get down. Malin Amle, Kristiin Oja and Sensi Graves met up in the winter kiting...

Noè Font – Regenerated

Welcome to the first chapter of the rest of my life in quintessential Brazil. THE END IS THE BEGINNING OF ALL GREAT THINGS. Noè Font. Filmed by...

Blue Palawan Open 2016 – Asia’s first Kiteboard Terrain Park

See the action behind the first Blue Palawan International Kiteboard Open marking the launch of Asia's first kiteboarding terrain park in the beautiful Puerto...

Brandon Scheid Pro Model – Liquid Force 2016 – ECHO

Check out America's top wake style rider Brendan Scheild's pro model board... The Liquid Force Echo. For more information about the 2016 Liquid Force Kites...

Sarduakar: الصحراء

"The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality...

Light and Winkowska Winners!

Blue Palawan International Kiteboard Open After a few days of lighter than expected conditions, the winds finally cooperated giving the competitors at the first Blue...

BIP: Promise Land

Brendan Kerr and Reed Brady riding in the Dominican Republic Huge Thanks to: Dakine.com/kite LiquidForceKites.com RideEngine.com SlingshotSportscom  

Kiteboarding How To (KGB) – With Jake Kelsick

Here is a really well done KGB instructional with Antigua's Jake Kelsick. Hope this helps you get a new trick in the bag! 🙂 Follow...

Blue Palawan International Kiteboard Open underway

The worlds best park riders from all corners of the globe have come together for the inaugural kiteboarding park event in Asia. Hosted...

Lake Erie to Oliphant – Frosted: Sam Medysky, Craig Cunningham and Noe Font.

From Lake Erie to Oliphant on Lake Huron, Sam Medysky, Craig Cunningham and Noe Font explore some of the best riding spots on the...

2016 North Gambler Product Clip

North team rider Craig Cunningham and the new 2016 North Gambler park style kite board. "A proper shredding machine, which will take impacts of any...

Carlos “The Freak” Mario x 2016 RPM

The new 2016 Slingshot RPM with pro rider Carlos Mario. Six years after its debut, we find the RPM harder than ever to define. Never...

2015 Kiteboarder of the Year – Brandon Scheid Interview

Over the past ten years Brandon Scheid has become a household name in the US kiteboarding community. He’s unquestionably one of the sport’s top park...

Best Videos of 2015 – Eric Rienstra

Prorider Eric Rienstra shares his favourite kiteboarding videos of 2015. Favorite video that you produced/started in? Hits 4 Days: See above. This is a collection of footage...

Best Videos of 2015 – Brandon Scheid

This month Kitesurfing Magazine is asking pro kiteboarders for their picks for their favourite kiteboarding videos of 2015. Today Kitesurfing Magazine checks out international...

Best Videos of 2015 – Sam Light

This month Kitesurfing Magazine will be asking pro kiteboarders for their picks for best kiteboarding videos of 2015. Today Kitesurfing Magazine checks out international...

Best Videos of 2015 – Rich Sabo

This month Kitesurfing Magazine will be asking pro kiteboarders for their picks for best kiteboarding videos of 2015. Today Kitesurfing Magazine checks out Liquid...

Best Videos of 2015 – Craig Cunningham

This month Kitesurfing Magazine will be asking pro kiteboarders for their picks for best kiteboarding videos of 2015. Today Kitesurfing Magazine checks out Craig...

Pure Freakin’ Magic – Dominican Republic Kiteboarding Chris Bobryk

PFM in the Dominican Republic, this is one of those places that is kinda indescribable. Its Pure Freakin’ Magic! The Consistent winds, beautiful beaches,...

“The Most Gangsta Kite Movie” @ProKite Brasil

No time for jokes in this video with full-on gangsta kite action of brave homiez in Uruau, ProKite Brasil. Flat water and perfect steady...

Liquid Force DK team advent calendar – 1. advent

The Danish Liquid Force team will post videos every day of December until Xmas. This first video out of 25 is already for you...

Trickminute – just a dream

This is a small compilation of tricks from a day of riding in Taiba, Brazil.— Marian Hund

Stolen Paradise – Sam Light

Go Pro travel video when Grace and Sam travel to Australia, Cape Town and Mexico. Guest appearance by my fav sister Ellie. 🙂 —Sam...

Desert Love – Phil Larcher

Happiness has been my goal for the past years and I think I finally understood what defines mine. Happiness is not permanent state , it's...

Wakestyle 2016 Gear overview – Tom Court & Craig Cunningham

We have been hard at work over the last year making sure that the 2016 North Kiteboarding Wakestyle set-up reaches its full potential. From...

Allow it? Ewan Jaspan

3 years later I made it back to Brazil with the aim to push myself to new levels, after coming back a few months...

Marc Toth in ‘Brazil – What else?’

Brazil - What else? is my newest video filmed by TheBank / bythebank.nl . I spent 5 weeks in Brazil Barra Nova at the...

Aaron Hadlow’s latest innovations

Double Back to Blind, Double KGB and variation of a Double Back Mobe! Aaron Hadlow is pushing the sport forward! Progression and innovation is what...

ALIVE – Full Movie

Here we are 15th of november, so like we promised you're free to enjoy our new full movie ALIVE!! With the recent terror events happening...

Away – Jason Blanchard

Away from home, I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil this year. It's been an amazing trip, on and off the water. Thanks to...


Here's a video from one of our former gear testers turned prorider Craig Cunningham. Solid skateboarding background makes for some steez. RIDER: CRAIG CUNNINGHAM SPOT: CEARA...


Airush introduces 15 year old, Anthar Racca, to the International Team. Anthar is a prodigy and regarded as the next up and coming rider...

Trick or Treat

A Halloween Tribute from Taiba. Some kiteboarding shenanigans on and off the water between friends. The following was done in good humour and no...

Barneys In Paradise The Movie II

Following 10 riders through their year of kiting and traveling. Shot on location at: California, Oregon, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia Riders: Zac Baxter Josh Brady Reed Brady Matt Elsasser Pike Harris Brendan Kerr Teddy...

Sensi Graves “Select” – Where The Wind Blows

Moxy International releases a second season of the empowering female kiteboarding series, Where the Wind Blows. Sensi’s “Select” cut is the second of five...


Just a bunch of Barneys In Paradise.

Between Two Towns

On his first trip to Hood River, Oregon, Two Brothers Films director and cinematographer Zach Wilson decided it might be a good idea to...

Craig Cunningham

Pro kiteboarder Craig Cunningham had a bunch of unused clips lying around from the past year... here's the B Roll! Video Credits: Castle Productions RipSlix Colleen Carroll James Boulding Tobi...

Liquid Force ENVY 2016

2016 Envy, inspires confidence, invokes progression, 6 years in the making, this is your Envy! Riders : Sensi Graves, Jason Slezak, Julien Fillion, Davey Blair,...

Cody Potapoff – Express Yourself

Shot at Sunset Beach during Expression Session 2015. Featuring Stefan Koenig / Chris Mason / Trevor Potapoff / Roland Rioux / Carlos / Jesee...

My new ride – Sean Buell

I joined the Cabrinha team just as the season was coming to an end here in Florida... It may not be windy but we...

Chase Hasch | VKWC Kiteboarding Junior World Championships, Spain 2015

The following video was shot during the VKWC Kiteboarding Junior World Championships in Spain 2015. A big "thank you" to the event organizer, the...


The North Kiteboarding Freestyle-Wakestyle Team is taking their all new Vegas 2016 out for a first spin. A combination promising loads of fun, unbelievable kiteboarding...

HOW TO: Building kickers, boxes, and rails

words by Joby Cook photos by Lance Koudele More and more people are wearing boots and riding park in kiteboarding. But there aren’t a lot...

Hood River Slider Jam: Day 3

Slightly cooler weather hit Wednesday morning in the central Gorge bringing with it big winds for the second section of the first annual Hood...

Hood River Slider Jam Day 2 – “Tech Section”

For the second official day of the Hood River Slider Jam, it was a classic Gorge morning bringing sunshine and 6-8m winds.  Competitors took...

Chucktown Taco Tuesday

Folly daze are so much fun in chucktown. Alex Harvin, Spencer Hurteau, and Davey Blair set up a rail and had some fun. Spencer...

The slider project

When I am at my home spot we are always searching for new stuff to do. My friends and I decided to make this...


Trip to Brazil from November 2014 at Pousada Vidaboa and lagoon Uruau. With Best Kiteboarding, Kitaddict, Tingerlaat


We are stoked to announce the first ever Hood River Slider Jam! It will take place on August 1-7th, 2015 in Hood River, OR....

Hood River #2

Hood River is just so much fun. I am having a blast riding with everyone here at the #sliderproject . —Aymeric Martin    


Kitesurfing Magazine had a chance to check out the preview of this film in Hood River. It's worth the time to watch on a...

Cruise Mode (KiteBoarding)

Dre and Jake have a nice looking slider park in Antigua. Sometimes you need to take your foot off the pedal and put things in...

Triple-S Invitational – #CourtInTheAct ep. 6 JUNE 2015

Tom Court's video series Court in the Act at the 2015 Triple-S. Seem to be loosing track of the months now, but its good to...

Nitro City-Getting Dirty

This place just keeps me coming back for more every time with Consistent winds, Great crew of people, and endless activities and parties! This...

Take Some Time – Liam Proctor

It is so easy to complain about the paradigm in which you exist, the monotony of your day to day routine or the barriers...

Jason Slezak 10th Anniversary Triple-S Interview

Jason Slezak is one of the main organizers behind the Venyu Triple-S. He has been involved with the event since it's inception in 2006....

Rocky Chatwell Domination 2

America's Rocky Chatwell throwing down.

Hood River #1 – Aymeric Martin

Well, I made it to Hood River and I love it so far. Here are some clips from a session few days ago. Wind is...

Squamish Kiteboarding 15

Some solid riding from Chuck Waterson and Shayne McAulay Kiteboarding in Squamish, BC, Canada, 2015.

Rocky Chatwell Kiteboarding

Rocky Chatwell is charging harder than ever in his latest rider video: Rocky Breeze Steeze.

A Game of KITE in Hood River

Brandon Scheid and Rich Sabo play a game of Kite on the incline of the North Rooftop in Hood River, OR.  

VKWC Venezuela 2015 – Results Freestyle Male & Female

Isla de Coche, Venezuela (Friday, June 12, 2015) - Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) second stop saw a thrilling day of kiteboarding with freestyle...

2015 Triple-S Behind the Scenes

Here is a great behind the scene video from The Kiteboarder magazine from the final day of riding at the 2015 Triple-S. thekiteboarder.com

2015 Venyu Triple-S Invitational Final Day Highlights

Cape Hatteras, NC delivers a full day of competition during the final day of the 2015 Triple-S. After a REAL Slider Park warm up session...

10 Years of the Venyu Triple-S

The Triple-S is the most important event in North American kiteboarding, and has been leading the progression of the sport for the past 10...

2015 Venyu Triple-S Invitational Day 2 & 3 UPDATE

Day 2 of the Venyu Triple-S Invitational had competitors making the most of the variable wind conditions on Cape Hatteras. With limited windows of...

Venyu Triple-S Invitational Day 1 Highlights

Day 1 of the Venyu Triple-S Invitational: Competitors gathered at REAL for the first Riders’ Meeting while the event went on hold due to...

2015 Venyu Triple-S Open Day 2

Day 2 of the Venyu Triple-S Open was filled with REAL Slider Park madness as competitors pushed one another on the kickers and sliders....

2015 Venyu Triple-S Open Day 1

Finals are underway for the Open qualifier event for the Venyu Triple-S Invitational.  The field of 18 competitors battled in the REAL Slider Park...

10th Anniversary – Andre Phillip – 2006 Archive footage

When looking through old photos for the 10th anniversary Triple-S special feature, there was one rider who continually stood out as having the most...

Official 2015 Venyu Triple-S Trailer

We are counting down the days to the 2015 Venyu Triple-S Invitational at REAL Watersports May 30th – June 5th in Cape Hatteras, NC. With...

A Day in Cape Town – Tom Court

You know you are traveling to the right place when you can do all the sports that you love. Epic kiteboarding, surfing, downhill long...

Manuela Jungo – Triple-S Wildcard 2015

In 2010 Manuela left her marketing job to pursue her passion. Looks like it is paying off! Follow her on... facebook.com/manu.jungo instagram.com/manuelajungo manuelajungo.com

Crow Mobe 5 – Kiteboarding Trick Definition – Aaron Hadlow

Trick Definition: This trick is a called a Crow Mobe 5. It's a toeside front roll with frontside 540. The bar is passed in the...

Bret Sullivan – Triple-S Wildcard 2015

Nice mix of ocean kickers and slider park action in Bret Sullivan's Triple-S wildcard video entry. The best wildcard video wins a coveted wildcard for...

Oli Panny – Triple-S Wildcard 2015

We're impressed with Oli Panny's speed on the sliders in this Triple-S wildcard entry. Austrian born, Panny fine tuned his snowboard and wakeboard influenced...

Frozen Moments – Jason Blanchard

"I pass half of the year on snow here in Québec, Canada. And I think why it's so important for me to show you what...


Pat Goodman, Cabrinha kite designer, talks about the new Cabrinha kite, the FX.

Westward – Brandon Scheid

Brandon Scheid is one of America's best wakestyle rider today! This video is shot at his new home in Hood River, OR  and during a...

2015/16 NAISH FLY product launch video

Naish's Fly is a two-strut model designed to make the most of light winds. For more detail specs and additional info, visit: naishkites.com/product/fly/

Colleen Carroll in Brazil

We think Vincent Bergeron only has one song on his iTunes play list. Just saying… Colleen Carroll and Vincent Bergeron team up once again to...

Drew Christianson – Welcome to Paradise

After another summer spent out on the West Coast of the US, I was looking forward to working on a new project this Fall...

G-Spot – Kiteboarding Trick Definition – Aaron Hadlow

Trick Definition: This trick is a called a G-Spot. Its a toeside back roll with a backside 180. Here the bar is passed in the...

Grabbed Mobe 5 – Kiteboarding Trick Definition – Aaron Hadlow

Trick Definition: This trick is a called a Grabbed Mobe 5. It's a heelside back roll, with a nose grab and a front side 540....

2015 POP Boot overview

North Team rider Tom Court and Craig Cunningham take a look at the POP Boot. Hey Guys, right so here is a short overview of...


Marine Duprat, 2014 France freestyle champion, training hard in Noumea, New Caledonia.    

Tom Court – 2014 highlights – A Year in Motion

"Wow, what a year it has been! As I sit here in the UK editing these highlight clips it almost seems like a dream,...

Frontside 7 – Kiteboarding Tricks – Ozzie Smith

Ozzie Smith launching into a text book Frontside 7 off a kicker in Big Bay, SA. What's your next Progression: http://www.progression.me

Brandon Scheid Pro-model

In the Feel the Echo video Brandon Scheid talks about, and demonstrates his new Liquid Force pro-model kiteboard.

Fully Automatic – Eric Rienstra

Eric Rienstra IS kiteboarding. When the park is set and the cameras are rolling, like a good AK-47 The Predator goes Fully Automatic. This year...

North Kiteboard Factory Tour

Did you ever wonder where North Kiteboards are brought to life? Well if you did, the answer is Austria! With 20 years of experience in...

Oliphant, Ontario – Northern Fresh ft. Sam Medysky & Noe Font

Friends from across the pond, Sam and Noe, spend 10 days together in Canada in the small town of Sauble Beach. Together the amigos...

FreeRide Project 2 – Russia Section – Rail Masters

The Freeride 2 project is a movie that we made as we traveled around the world Kiteboarding in 2013. It follows the lives of...

West Coast American Road Trip

The North Kiteboarding wakestyle team riders hit the road on the US West Coast. The Can't Stop, Don't Stop trip starts off in Hood...

Barneys In Paradise – The Movie

Barneys In Paradise presents a movie capturing the lives and riding of 9 riders. Each segment was individually edited by the rider themselves. Featuring the...

Brandon Scheid – 2014 VENYU Triple-S

Brandon Scheid on route to a 2nd place overall finish at the 2014 Triple-S. For more visit WWW.TRIPLESINVITATIONAL.COM Edit - Nate Appel Camera - Nate Appel, Jason Hudson...

#ONEMORE – Bruna Kajiya

Bruna Kajiya spent a good chunk of her time shooting her part in Brazil. Check out her section in #ONEMORE throwing down the most...

Sensi Graves and Colleen Carroll

Sensi Graves and Colleen Carroll left Brazil with more than just lighter shades of hair…they share with you their 'highlights' of their recent kiteboarding...

Ro-Sham-Throw Down REAL Team Hood River

The REAL Kiteboarding Team ventures across the United States to the West Coast to Visit the Gorge and participate in two events, The Kiteboarding...


Action from the 2007 Unhooked 2 film from Chris Tronolone.  Andre Phillip, Jason Slezak, Bertrand Fluery push the progression of the sport at the...