Light and Winkowska Winners!

Blue Palawan International Kiteboard Open

After a few days of lighter than expected conditions, the winds finally cooperated giving the competitors at the first Blue Palawan Kite Open strong enough winds to complete both the Features and Kickers disciplines crowning men’s winner, Sam Light and women’s winner, Karolina Winkowska.


Men’s Overal Podium in order of first to 8th; Sam Light, Eric Reinstra, Brandon Scheid, Craig Cunningham, Sam Medysky, Noe Font & Axel Tack (tied for 6th), Tom Court, James Boulding.


Women’s Overall Podium in order of 1st to 8th; Karolina Winkowska, Sensi Graves, Colleen Carroll, Victoria Soloveykina, Manuela Jungo, Malin Amle, Katarzyna Lange, Julia Castro.



Men’s Features Podium: 1st Sam Light, 2nd Craig Cunningham, 3rd Sam Medysky



Women’s Features Podium: 1st Karolina Winkowska, 2nd Sensi Graves, 3rd Colleen Carroll



Men’s Kicker Podium: 1st Sam Light, 2nd Eric Reinstra, 3rd Brandon Scheid



Women’s Kicker Podium: 1st Karolina Winkowska, 2nd Sensi Graves, 3rd Colleen Carroll



Men’s Attitude Award: 1st Noe Font, 2nd Phil Larcher, 3rd Nico Etienne



Women’s Attitude Award: 1st Julia Castro, 2nd Katarzyna Lange, 3rd Natalia Grabowska



GoPro Media Competition: 1st James Boulding, 2nd Brandon Scheid, 3rd Tom Court



GoPro Media Competition: 1st Manuela Jungo, 2nd Colleen Carroll, 3rd Karolina Winkowska