Tuesday, May 21, 2024
VideoFunny Kitesurfing Videos

Funny Kitesurfing Videos

Float Away Home

A Recreational Tragedy for the Ages. Filmed on location at the 2023 Wind Games in Islamorada, Florida. Starring Eric Braojos. In cooperation with Otherside...

We Tried The WORLD’S TALLEST Surfboard!

Welcome back, thrill-seekers! Today, we're on a wild journey to craft the world's tallest surfboard. Just imagine riding the waves on THAT! 🌊

Up your social media game!

Riding Bikini As a professional kiteboarder, you're no stranger to the thrill of riding the waves and the wind. But let's face it, in today's...

Kiteboarding The ENDLESS Canals In Amsterdam

The sickest crew of kiteboarders, The Sickos, from Hood River head over the pond to Amsterdam for some epic canal kiting.

1440 – Nick Jacobsen & Mikkel Hansen

1440! Kiteboarding is just fun!  


Everyone dropping their stop motion ideas for some front room entertainment. Here is some re-hashed footage from my attempts over the years on rainy...

Nick Jacobsen – Fun with a kite

What does kitesurfing mean to you? This video shows exactly what kitesurfing means to me. To be free and not locked down with one...

Nick Jacobsen – Urban Kiteboarding, Copenhagen

Sometimes you need to spice things up a notch. Camera 1: Thomas Alsbirk Camera 2: KiteCPH.dk  

Simpsons go kiteboarding

Some pretty funny stuff in this 2 minute Simpsons kitesurfing bit. The name of the scariest fastest kite is the best!

10 Common Mistakes All Kiteboarders Should Avoid

After spending some time at the JT Pro Center I have seen my fair share of kiteboarders from all level and experience making dangerous...


In a first-of-its-kind stunt, British sailor and kiteboarder Alex Thomson chased down a fast-moving Hugo Boss racing yacht, attached himself to a rope connected...

Aladdin’s Magic Flying Carpet Ride

Jeremie Tronet thought it would be a good idea to try out the new North Kiteboarding 2016 Magic Flying Carpet at the JT Pro Center...

Fly Me To The Moon (Cabrinha Kitesurfing starring Nick Jacobsen)

Nick Jacobsen stars in this quirky kiteboarding short. Born in Denmark and groomed for kiting in South Africa he stays true to his crazy...


Do you ever have a bad day!!!! The title of this video says it all.  

how NOT to launch a kite – Don’t try this at home!

Get your beach attitude T's and Vest's here: https://kitelauncher.teemill.com/ With a heightened sense of safety after the kite launcher suffered his double knee blow out...

The Kite Launcher 5 – Failure to Launch? I don’t think so

The KiteLauncher is back!! https://kitelauncher.teemill.com/ Limited edition 'failure to launch' riding vests available for two weeks only!! https://kitelauncher.teemill.com/ After suffering a terrible double knee blowout...

Shit Kiteboarders Say

The LF team presents you the Shit Kiteboarder Say. Enjoy!  

The Kite Launcher 1 – The beginning

Why self Launch?? When opportunity knocks, take it. This unique insight into the life of a professional Kite Launcher shows that dreams can come...