Kitesurfing Magazine

Founded by John Bryja, the original creator of North America’s pioneering kite magazine, SBC Kiteboard, Kitesurfing Magazine traces its roots back to 2000. By 2015, it evolved and took the torch of journalistic brilliance in the world of kitesurfing by integrating the subscriber and digital assets of both magazines. This fusion has led Kitesurfing Magazine to cultivate a dedicated print readership and a vast international digital presence.

Powered by the insights of the industry’s foremost media professionals, Kitesurfing Magazine stands as the definitive voice in contemporary kitesurfing. Our collaboration with elite writers and photographers ensures every issue resonates with readers from beginners to seasoned riders. Moreover, our strong bond with top professional riders lets them shape the sport’s narrative, allowing them to share their visionary messages with our global audience.

Got a Story to Tell? 
Kitesurfing Magazine is always on the hunt for fresh perspectives, thrilling adventures, and groundbreaking insights from the world of kitesurfing. If you’ve got a tale to share, a destination to reveal, or a technique to teach, we want to hear from you! Dive into the waves of journalism and see your name in print in the world’s #1 kiteboarding magazine. Send your story pitches, articles, or photo essays directly to our Editor, John, at [email protected].

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Want to reach the passionate and ever-growing community of kitesurfers? Kitesurfing Magazine offers an unparalleled platform to showcase your products, services, and events. Whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a kitesurfing destination, or building brand awareness, our magazine provides the visibility and engagement you’re seeking. Partner with the best, and let your brand soar! Contact our marketing team directly, Send Us An Email to discuss advertising opportunities and packages tailored just for you. Elevate your brand to new heights with us!