Friday, December 1, 2023

2022 AWSI Gear Preview

2022 AWSI Trade Show Gear Preview

What’s better than an outdoor trade show in a windy location where retailers and Kitesurfing Magazine can try out the gear? One held in...

George Hradil -Foil Design Tech Talk

George Hradil is the designer at Delta Hydrofoils. Learn the secrets behind the reflex design that is used in the Delta wings and the...

Airush – Convertible & Foil Board Range Overview

Watch as Clint Filen and Dave Kay take us through the new Convertible and Foilboard range that Airush has to offer. From pure foiling...

AWSI Tradeshow – Ocean Rodeo Aluula Rise and Wings

Ocean Rodeo ambassador John shows us the new wings from Ocean Rodeo, and the new big air Aluula Rise kite.

Kite VS Wing

When do you wingsurf vs kitesurf? Four of the world's top watermen talk wingsurfing vs kitesurfing. Check out: Is wing foiling easier than kiting?

Top 10 Kitesurfing Items 2022 AWSI

Publisher John Bryja and head tester Shane Thompson discuss Kitesurfing Magazine's top ten items at the 2022 AWSI Tradeshow that you should check out.  

AWSI Tradeshow – Core Kiteboarding 2022 Preview

Core has one of the most refined kite line-ups in the industry and the Core/Carved Imperator board series has a reputation as one of...

First-time Wingsurfing Buyer’s Guide with Robby Naish

What is the ideal setup for a family getting into Wing Foiling? The legend himself, Robby Naish, share the details of how to choose...

AWSI Trade Show – Eleveight Kiteboarding

Eleveight team rider Chris Bobryk walks Kitesurfing Magazine test editor Shane Thompson through the 2022 Eleveight kitesurfing range.  

North Kiteboarding 2022 Preview

Pro rider and King of the Air Jesse Richman shares details of North Kiteboarding's 2022 line.

AWSI Trade Show – Slingshot Kitesurfing 2022 PREVIEW

Alex Fox walks us through a massively revamped Slingshot lineup. New lighter weight kites, the lightest twin tip we have ever picked up and...

AWSI Show – Duotone 2022 Kitesurfing PREVIEW

Duotone is stepping up the use of advanced lightweight materials (SLS & D Lab)  in both it's kites and surfboards in the hot new...