Double Backmobe With Alex Pastor

“The Double Half Cab is one trick that caught most people’s attention this season, because it’s so different to the tricks we’ve been doing.

The first rotation is quite easy because it’s similar to a traditional Back Roll. The challenging part is to learn the second flip because we completely change the spinning edge. It can be a bit scary because you lose the perspective of where you are, and it’s a bit hard to grab the board.

But once you get that dialed and you have the Double Half Cab, then comes the hard part: which is to change the edge again and spin the extra 180 degrees backside. You can’t see the water where you will land.

The key for me is to hold on to the grab as long as possible so you can get your body a little bit more compact, then prepare for a strong landing. If you stomp this one, you have a Double Backmobe!” —Alex Pastor

photos courtesy Airush