2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – RESULTS!

The 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational was a huge success! The world’s best wakestyle kiteboarders battled it out for their share of the $70,000 prize purse. (Equal prize money for men and women!) The event had musical guests that included Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, DJ QBert, Future Fambo, Mystic Vibrations, The Dubplates & Friday night head lining band The Roots! The Send It Movie Premiere Party, and Aaron Hadlow’s premiere of his new film Twenty. The competition ran in the REAL slider park on the Wind Voyager Super Kicker, Core Kiteboarding Reverse Rainbow, KOA Resorts Kicker, Liquid Force Kites Rooftop, and Phocus Mega Slider.

The Competition started off with perfect South West wind in the REAL Slick. On day two the wind went North and the world class Water Patrol at REAL Watersports moved the sliders into the perfect position for the changing conditions. Finals day showed up after a lay day with another round of classic South West conditions. The competition was tight and in the end technical slider riding and mega kicker hits took top scores. All the riders in the final through down but after the numbers were tabulated, checked and rechecked, here are the winners of the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. The World Is Not Ready…

Men’s Final Results
1  Brandon Scheid (USA, Liquid Force) $ 12,000.00
2  Ewan Jaspan (Australia, Naish) $ 7,500.00
3  Christophe Tack (Belgium, Liquid Force) $ 5,000.00
4  Ramiro Gallart (Argentina, Liquid Force) $ 3,000.00
5  Sam Light (United Kingdom, Slingshot) $ 2,000.00
6  Alex Maes (Belgium, Cabrinha) $ 1,500.00
7  Noe Font (Spain, Duotone) $ 1,200.00
8  Eric Rienstra (USA, Core) $ 1,000.00
9  Chris Bobryk (USA, Slingshot) $ 800.00
10  Aaron Hadlow (United Kingdom, Duotone) $ 600.00
11  Jack Rieder (Canada, Airush) $ 500.00
12  Artem Garashchenko (Russia, Nobile) $ 400.00
Women’s Final Results
1  Annelous Lammerts (Belgium, Cabrinha)      $ 12,000.00
2  Karolina Winkowska (Poland, Slingshot)     $ 7,500.00
3  Issy Von Zastrow (Kenya, Ozone)     $ 5,000.00
4 Colleen Carrol (USA, Duotone)     $ 3,000.00
5  Sensi Graves (USA, Liquid Force)     $ 2,000.00