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From The MagIn-DepthJason Slezak 10th Anniversary Triple-S Interview

Jason Slezak 10th Anniversary Triple-S Interview

Jason Slezak is one of the main organizers behind the Venyu Triple-S. He has been involved with the event since it’s inception in 2006. Kitesurfing Magazine‘s  John Bryja caught up with Slezak for a look back at the past ten years of Triple-S.

Kitesurfing Magazine: What is your strongest memory from the 2006 Triple-S?

Jason Slezak: I’m not going to lie…the 2006 Triple S is a bit of a blur. It is not only 10 years in the past, but also in the memory banks with SOOOOO many other amazing Triple S memories since then. If I could pick one thing that stands out it would be that Trip Forman and I (along with the help of REAL and all of the riders) were able to successfully achieve our vision of bringing so many of the worlds most progressive riders of that time together to absolutely SHRED the worlds first full on Slider park, Surf & Cape Hatteras Slicks for a week of non stop action, and set in motion the path that has lead us to running the 10th Annual Triple S!

Slezak on the Camel Toe at the 2007 Triple-S.
Slezak on the Camel Toe at the 2007 Triple-S.

Best memory?

My best Triple S memories all revolve around the first few years of the event (2006-2010) where we would put in countless hours of work prepping for the event and then riders would arrive early to help build, re-build, or design and create new features to make the event the best that it could be or create the most fun park set up possible. Looking back on it, the team work and camaraderie that existed then was what made the event so much more than just a contest and a bunch of parties. Riders and the media staff were judging the event which kept all involved and on point all day every day, and by the end of the week, the friendship and bonds that were formed have lasted since then, and will last a lifetime.

What was your favourite park feature from the first few years? What trick were people doing and working at mastering on the feature back then.

By favorite REAL Slider Park feature from the early years would have to be the Red Bull Fun Box (Later re-named the Red Bull Ice Box). It was massive, had tons of options; gaps, transfers, ledges, a wall ride, and later a flat bar addition in the middle of the fun box/dance floor sliding surface. It was designed on a napkin at lunch and built on 4 pontoon boat pontoons, which made it super easy to tow and move around. Dre’s backlip transfer gaps on the Fun Box during the first ever 2006 Triple S still rival todays kiteboarding as the most steezy hits ever on park features with a kite…hands down!!!

The Red Bull Fun Box was a favourite feature of many riders in the Triple-S early years.

What is the most epic party from the Triple-S after hour parties?

2010 closing party…no question on that one at all!!! DJ Brady on the inside balcony, Dubplates on the main floor of the house, Ruben spinning electronic beats on the bottom floor, with a Jacuzzi tub turned into a cooler filled with beer in the upstairs “VIP” room and a full on laser show in the dunes in front of the house that went until dawn. All without any “party fouls” or “issues”…until we got the damage bill for the house! Oops!!!

What is your favourite modern park feature?

I have to say that the Jibstruction XL kicker is pretty bad ass!!!

In the past 10 years, who had the worst crash that you can remember?

There were A LOT of bad crashes that I can remember…but one that stands out was Billy Parker dropping out of the sky from a kite loop slim chance and hitting the water so hard that he was coughing up blood.

What unknown rider at an event made your jaw drop? What were they doing?

Rick Jensen, seatbelt mobe…2013 Triple S “Slicks” finals!!!

Should the Triple-S remain a stand alone event, join a group of slider events as part of a tour, or join the VKWC world tour?

Not sure, the VKWC seems like a bit of a junk show from talking to many of the riders involved, and no one else has stepped up to create another comparable kite park event, with the exception of the Russia Rail Masters, to be able to link into a full on slider tour. But if there were riders out there who had the time, drive & determination to create a tour it could turn into an amazing thing. I know that there are a ton of riders out there who like to talk about a park or slider tour…now someone just needs to step up and make it a reality.

Jason Slezak has been one of the Triple-S main organizers since the beginning.
Jason Slezak has been one of the Triple-S main organizers since the beginning.

What does the Triple-S mean to the sport of kiteboarding?

What does the Triple S mean to the sport of kiteboarding…that is a hard one for me to answer…being so interwoven into both the Triple S and the growth of the sport of kiteboarding since 1999 it is hard for me to imagine one without the other. The Triple S started as a way to bring a bunch of friends together to shred for a week, and it is sometimes hard for me to see it as something more than that, even though it has become much more than that! For all of the heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears that have been poured into the event over the past 10 years…I would like to believe that the Triple S has helped to grow and prosper the Surf style, Slick style & Slider style of kiteboarding in a positive and influential way!

Anything you would like to add?

This message is to every kiteboarder out there; come and check out next years Triple S for yourself! The best way to know what goes down at the Triple S is to be there and experience it all first hand!!! Hope to see you at REAL Watersports in Cape Hatteras!!!


There from the beginning! 2015 Venyu Triple-S Masters divisions winners from left: Jason Slezak, Andre Phillip, and Davey Blair.
There from the beginning! 2015 Venyu Triple-S Masters divisions winners from left: Jason Slezak, Andre Phillip, and Davey Blair.

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