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Although some may deny it, last week during the selections, when the enemy teams gazed around, attempting to discern who the greatest opponent might be, the writing was on the wall, and its color was red. Right out of the gate… Wow. Not much more to say. When you are a kid, lined up as a team, looking at your opponent, sometimes it becomes brutally apparent who stands as the greatest or perhaps the most capable competitor. During the Team Battle, when the teams were picked, Team SCARLET, captained by Ramiro Gallart, was undeniably stacked with skill and projected to deliver on all accounts. Standing beside Ramiro were Jack Reider, Alex Meindi, Chase Hasch, Einar Saad, and Nadja Bianchet. While every team has its highs and lows, Team Scarlet appeared to predominantly soar in steady strides, working in flawless unison. One of the most intriguing techniques of Team SCARLET was coincidentally how little they appeared to ride in comparison to the rest of the field. Instead of spending hours on end scrounging for puffs of steady wind, Team SCARLET was tactful with their time, choosing to ride deliberately for short stints, saving their energy and trick selection for when it mattered most. As a result, Team Scarlet was ferociously efficient both on and off the water, allowing them to stockpile incredible footage during their strikes to the park while also dedicating time in the studio to meticulously edit their Team Battle submission. Together, the collective group of Team SCARLET was not only a threat on the water, but equally as superior on land. One of the most crucial aspects of the Team Battle is choosing a team that can harmonize, and Ramiro proved to have successfully created this valued formula. From all of us at the Kite Park League, we would like to congratulate and crown Team SCARLET as our 2023 Team Battle Champion! Along with winning the Team Battle, during the awards, Alex Meindi was recognized for his drone pilot mastery, and captain Ramiro Gallart was voted to have completed the Best Line. Thank you for joining us for the 2023 Team Battle presented by Knot Future. Please rise for a standing ovation as we all congratulate Team SCARLET. Although you can choose to stay standing, we implore you to crack, pop, sip, or chug your finest beverage, while being captivated by the visual efforts of Team SCARLET, the winner of the Team Battle.


The KPL introduces a fun new competition format where riders come together in teams with the focus set on showcasing the best most creative riding in a video part. By the end of the week, prizes will be awarded to standout riders, the best crash, rookies, the best tricks, and obviously the best team video!

Video Criteria: Each rider has to include a minimum of one clip in the video, but a single rider cannot exceed 10 clips. Beyond these basic parameters, creativity, collaborative efforts, and team ingenuity will be the driving force in determining the winner of the 2023 Hood River Team Battle. On September 2nd, the riders will be given the opportunity to exercise their own judgment and cast their ballots for the team they believe has produced the best video.

Thank you to our sponsors for making this possible.

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