Best Videos of 2015 – Eric Rienstra

Prorider Eric Rienstra shares his favourite kiteboarding videos of 2015.

Favorite video that you produced/started in?

Hits 4 Days: See above.

This is a collection of footage from my friends Tobias Holter, Evan Netsch, Sam Light, and Ryan Osmond. I also shot a few selfies by just putting the camera on a tripod and aiming it at the kicker and I edited it myself. Despite having to stop filming because of an injury, I was still stoked on a few new tricks I was able to nail like the G Spot Mute and Mobe 5 off the kicker. I also landed one of the cleanest grabbed Backside 5s I’ve ever done which felt amazing.

What was your favorite kite video of 2015?

Westward By Vincent Bergeron featuring Brandon Scheid.
Brandon and Vincent are good friends of mine so I have seen everything these two have done over the years and this is by far their best collaboration to date! Brandon is on fire nailing all his best tricks and Vincent killed it with the song selection. I get chills every time I watch it.

Favorite Slingshot product Video?

2016 Screamer:

Patrick Rebstock and Reed Brady scored some sick waves on the day this video was shot and just tore them apart. Made me want to ditch wakestyle and hit the surf myself.