Best Videos of 2015 – Brandon Scheid

This month Kitesurfing Magazine is asking pro kiteboarders for their picks for their favourite kiteboarding videos of 2015. Today Kitesurfing Magazine checks out international pro rider Brandon Scheid’s favourites.

Brandon Scheid’s Favorite video of 2015.
Acqua was pretty amazing. Both Sam Light and Alex Fox are good friends and they really knocked it out of the park with this one. Not only is the riding and scenery insane, Patrick’s newfound drone skills made it a winner. Makes me want to sell everything, buy a boat, and cruise the globe.

Favorite video that you produced/started in?

I really enjoyed helping the masses learn about the magic carpet with our foil instructional series. I shot, wrote the narration, edited and starred in this 75k+ views series. I was stoked on how they came out and look forward to seeing all the new foilers on the water.


This was my summer as seen through the lens of my GoPro. There were a lot of sessions with great friends this summer. It just epitomizes what kiteboarding in the Gorge is all about in the summer.


Favorite Liquid Force product Video?

This was the video to introduce my pro model board The Echo. I put a lot of work into the conceptualizing the edit layout and it was my best riding to date when it came out. Everyone does a Brazil video, and I was excited to turn my yearly trip into a full product based video.

Feel the Echo from Vincent Bergeron on Vimeo.