Hood River Slider Jam 2015

ESBO.TV brings us a recap of all the action from this years Hood River Slider Jam which took place over August 2015 in…Hood River, OR! A group of passionate kiteboarders took it upon themselves to create a contest that would have no sponsors or prize money, only glory to the winner who took the top spot!

There were 3 sections to the contest: Tech, Line and Build. The tech section allowed riders to display their best tricks on each feature separately. The Line section required riders to put together 3 hits in a row through the park while the build section involved…building things. We took all the features for the park and built on additional sketchy extensions that put every rider’s abilities to the test!

This years rankings:

1) Brandon Scheid
2) Sam Light
3) Sam Medysky
4) Craig Cunningham
5) Aymmeric Martin
6) Blaine Baker
7) Colleen Carrol
8) Drew Christianson
9) Rich Sabo
10) Brendan Kerr
11) Lindsay McClure
12) Alex Fox – DNF

The whole idea of this even was to be a starting point for a larger kiteboarding contest. Thanks to all the competitors who made it possible and let’s see what happens in 2016!