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Who’s That: Will Palmer

Will Palmer grew up in St Petersburg, Florida. Fun fact: St. Pete holds the guiness world record for most consecutive days of sunshine at 768. Will started wakeboarding at 18 and then ended up competing at a collegiate level while studying finance at UCF in Orlando.  He loves wakeboarding and excelled very quickly, but also learned the hard way, suffering two ACL reconstructions and one shoulder reconstructive surgery in about a three year period. After recovering from the shoulder surgery he learned to kite. He jumped in a Winnebago with his friend prorider Billy Parker and spent a week in the Florida Keys. That was in 2012. Kiting has since become his favorite thing to do, and has taken him many places, his favorite being Fly Fest in Manta, Ecuador. This is where he gained the attention and official help from his sponsors F-One and Manera.

Will Palmer won the Open qualifier event at last year’s Wind Voyager Triple-S!

Name: Will Palmer
Nick Name: pill_walmer (also my Insta name)
Age: 30
Home: St. Petersburg, Florida
Sponsors: F-One, Manera, Elite Watersports
Siblings: One little bro
Heros: Momma Dukes
Best memory: Leaving my 9-to-5 job and going on my first kite trip to the Florida Keys with great friends.
Worst moment: Shoulder surgery in 2010 a year after my second ACL reconstructive surgery.
Music: Hip-Hop Nation and Alt Nation on XM.
Kite video: Bridge rail with Billy Parker and Eric Reinstra.
Lunch spot: Spiro’s in St. Pete, or Chipotle on the road.
Favorite riding spot: It can only be found by those that know where to look.
Favorite trick: Ole
Ride with: No Clothes
Dream hookup:  Mystique
Dinner: A balanced breakfast
Influences: My family, my home town St. Petersburg, my best friends and a couple I want to mention Billy Parker, and Billy Ackerman.
Best trip: Fly fest 2015 in Manta, Ecuador.
Bucket list: Continue to travel to new places, learn new things and push my limits.
Drink of choice: Organic milkshake, organic veggie juice
Predict your future: Flight, big spins, ole spins, double flips, progression.
Props to: My family and friends, my sponsors F-One, Manera, and Elite Watersports in St. Pete, FL.
Last words: I feel very fortunate to be where I am today and just want to thank everyone for their help, support, and good times.


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