Best Videos of 2015 – Rich Sabo

This month Kitesurfing Magazine will be asking pro kiteboarders for their picks for best kiteboarding videos of 2015. Today Kitesurfing Magazine checks out Liquid Force pro rider Rich Sabo’s favourites.

De Brazil – It was almost a year ago that this dropped, but I still watch it to this day. Fox has always been a master of style, combined with the technical steez of Sam Light and the production quality of Patrick Weiland – you get a mixture of awesomeness I like to watch again and again.

Westward – Yea, he’s my best friend, but also the most talented rider in all of the US! Technically diverse, incredible style on rails, kicker hits for days. I really like the vibe and music that Vincent Bergeron put together – it’s probably the most overlooked video of the year!

Allow It? – Ewan was out of the game with some injuries, but is now back in full force with a strict work out routine and diet which has lead to some of the most stylish and technical riding out there! Grabs for days as well as “double swaps”, Ewan is goooood.

Only video I starred in:
Mobes and More – Oh, just me trying to keep up with the shredders.

Best product video of 2016:
Sam Light walking through his board. I like the unique look, riding shots, and the peronsability of the video.

Oh my employers would kill me if I didn’t put this one: