The Liquid Force Galaxy foil board is a deck you can both learn with and build on your kite foiling skills. You won’t outgrow it any time soon. It has all the key features you want in a foil deck including a full deck pad, volume where it’s needed, three or center line foot strap options, bottom shaping to help disperse water and thin enough rails for strapless water starts. Many of the larger volume, entry level foil decks can start to feel a bit big once you’re up and foiling. The Galaxy strikes the right balance between having enough float and surface area, but doesn’t frustrate lesser foil skills. It’s also compact and thin enough to feel comfortable for the more advanced riders. Liquid Force kept the same shape with the nice bevelled rails and comfortable deck pad with a concave top deck shape, but they lightened the construction without sacrificing durability for 2019. The Galaxy is a great choice for any level rider and its track system will work with any plate-mounted foil. 

Liquid Force Impulse Review