The Impulse Foil rounds out some of the ground-breaking kite foil performance from Liquid Force. The carbon front wing has a middle-of-the-road size for overall surface area, and it sits on a 65 centimeter, aluminum mast and a light, carbon fuselage and wing construction. This gives the Impulse a great mix of lift and drive. Unchanged in shape for 2019, the Impulse was a leader for easy carving and smooth control at moderate speeds. It remains one of the top choices for a foil that can carve nicely at slow speeds but still feels comfortable when driving with more power and speed. The Impulse doesn’t have as much low end get-up-and-go as some of the jumbo surf foils in this test, but it doesn’t top out as quickly and will carry into higher winds with great comfort and control. The Impulse Foil is a great choice for any aspiring or advancing foil rider that likes to ride with a little more power and drive from the kite but still wants the easy cruising and easier carving ability of a surf style foil.