The Progressive Tri Foil offers simplicity, easy set up and stable cruising for accessible foil riding performance across disciplines. The test team admired the easy assembly of the Tri Foil. Its components include carbon constructed tail and front wings on a beefy aluminum fuselage and 60 centimeter mast. The Tri Foil comes with the standard plate mount but can also be ordered with a Tuttle configuration for windsurf or larger SUP foiling. With the large surface area on both front and rear wings, combined with the thickness and highly efficient shape of the front wing, it’s no surprise that the Tri Foil has tons of early lift and hovers with ease and predictability at slower speeds. Test team riders were impressed with the Tri Foil set up and its solid and easy cruising feel. It has lots of easy lift with lots of stability through the turns with no surprises or quirky drawbacks. The Tri Foil may not be as smooth riding or comfortable at faster speeds. For any rider looking for an all around set up for kite, wake or surf, the Tri Foil checks all the boxes. Look to the Progressive Tri Foil for a great all around set up that can get you out into light winds behind the kite and help progress your foil riding skills quickly.