Sunday, February 25, 2024
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The AK Surf Foil from Airush Kiteboarding is an easy-cruising, high-lift design that’s ideal for learning more advanced carving and full foiling tacks and gybes. Its primary function is as a surf and SUP foil and it’s branded under AK, but it still fits in the completely modular Airush Foil system which includes three other kite wings. The AK Surf comes on a 60 centimeter aluminum mast but Airush offers four different mast sizes. The full carbon front wing has lots of surface area and produces a ton of lift with minimal speed. It was one of the quickest lifting set ups of the group and is ideal for light wind kite sessions. The test team riders found that learning tacks and gybes was made easier on the AK Surf Foil because of its smooth and easy lift and its ability to keep on a foil at a virtual snail’s pace. The AK Surf rolls and carves with great stability and you can make tight turns easily. It initiates turns intuitively and offers a stable and smooth cruising ride. The lift and stability can also be customized with the adjustable rear X wing. It can be angled for more lift or completely inverted for more stability and straight line cruising for kite or wake. Test team riders preferred the more responsive surf style position over the inverted more stable option. Quick to plane and highly efficient, the AK Surf Foil was one of the slowest cruisers of the group and also reached max speed a bit faster than the others. Any aspiring foiler that’s interested in a highly manoeuvrable, but slower cruising set up should consider the AK Surf. This set up can get you on the water in the lightest of breezes and has the stability and handling to take your hovering skills to the next level. 

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