Friday, September 22, 2023
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Airush Ultra Team V1 Kite Review

Brand: Airush

Kite Model: Ultra Team

Sizes Tested: 6, 8

Available sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m

Outside of our annual head-to-head tests, the  Kitesurfing Magazine team had the opportunity to test the Airush Ultra Team V1 in 6 and 8-meter sizes. Airush was the first brand to introduce a single strut in 2011 with the Airush One, twelve years of one-strut R&D have resulted in the breakthrough lightweight high-performance of the Airush Ultra Team V1.

On the water, the new Ho’okipa Ultra PE material used for the leading edge and single strut of the Ultra Team gives it a narrower diameter, resulting in less drag as it slices through the wind. This material also allows for stronger construction, enabling higher PSI and a significantly stiffer airframe than the Ultra V4. The Ho’okipa PE is 25% lighter and 10x stronger than traditional materials, and our experience definitely supports the notion that the Ultra Team is a big step up in performance too. With a stealthy two-tone grey and neon blue design, this kite also stands out in the sky.

The stiffer frame delivers precision and confidence in gusty conditions, encouraging us to push the kite through its full wind range. The improved relaunch is another welcome feature, thanks to the stiffer and lighter construction. Upwind performance has also been enhanced, with the slim leading-edge diameter contributing to a more efficient ride. Not only does the kite feel faster, but it still has the power to get you up on a foil, even in the lightest wind conditions.

Another notable improvement is the direct bridle system, which replaces the pulleys found in previous models. The result is a kite that responds instantly to steering input with no lag whatsoever. The Ultra Team also boasts lighter handling, making lulls more manageable for the rider.

The Airush Ultra Team V1 is like the sport edition of a premium model car: riders seeking upgraded performance, handling, and reduced weight will gladly trade off on the more approachable Ultra V4. This kite is perfect for those who want to take their foiling, freeriding, and surf sessions to new heights.

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