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2024 Airush Lithium Review

Size Tested: 12 m


The Airush Lithium presents itself as an outstanding all-around freeride performance kite, ideal for riders who value a balance between fun and functionality on the water. This kite, recognized for its versatile and user-friendly design, offers a significant improvement in responsiveness compared to previous iterations, making it a preferred choice for both beginners and intermediate riders.

2024 Airush Lithium Team Review – Kitesurfing Magazine / Dave Marshall photo


The Lithium is celebrated for its enhanced responsiveness and easy updwind drive, attributed to the small diameter leading edge and swept-back wing tips. This design ensures that the kite is not only reactive but also maintains predictability in its flight pattern. The bar pressure, ranging from moderate to high, provides substantial feedback, which is particularly beneficial for newer riders who are learning to gauge kite position and control. Ease of use is another notable advantage, with the Lithium kite being straightforward to maneuver. Although the down loops are described as slower than expected, this could be advantageous for learners, offering them more time to react and adjust. The kite’s hang time during jumps is commended, providing riders with a satisfying sense of elevation and duration. The Lithium’s three-strut delta-hybrid design, coupled with its strategic wingtip shape and strut layout, affords a broad wind range while facilitating quick response times and instant relaunch capabilities. The inclusion of the Technoforce D2 Canopy and the V3 Bridle System further enhances the kite’s performance, offering increased durability and improved control throughout varying wind conditions. Always an easy kite to learn and progress with, the Lithium legend continues this year with even more high end performance for the intermediate and advanced riders alike. 

2024 Airush Lithium Team Review – Kitesurfing Magazine / Dave Marshall photo


While the Lithium is designed to be an accessible kite for riders of all levels, the slower down loop speed may not satisfy advanced riders looking for a more aggressive looping experience. 


The Airush Lithium is ideal for freeride enthusiasts who prioritize a forgiving, stable, and versatile kite. It is particularly suited to beginners and intermediate riders due to its predictable behavior and responsive control. However, its broad wind range and stable design also make it a solid choice for more experienced kitesurfers seeking a reliable all-around kite that performs well across various conditions and disciplines. 

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