BOARD SIZE: 5’1” X 18” X 2.0” 

The X Breed is high performance in a modern freestyle wave board shape that Cabrinha has added a track system to so you can connect your foil. The shape has a compact, twintip outline that combines a flatter rocker with more parallel rails. It’s a nice all around surf shape with lots of low end power and tight carving ability. For foiling the X Breed has a nicely balanced swing weight to it and its shape and size make it a comfortable platform for foil footwork. It was nice to have a shorter surf set up for this foil board and the dual function of the X Breed makes it an ideal board to travel with. This is the perfect set up for any rider that wants to have a nice performing and versatile surfboard for everyday waves that can also double as a foil deck. The X Breed works as a great all around wave shape and dynamite strapless freestyle shape with thruster set fin configuration. Nice bamboo construction keeps things durable and light and if you need straps there’s a center line set up for straps or foot hooks. 


BOARD SIZE: 145 X 58 CM 

Back again this season, the Double Agent is a foil board that can also be ridden in skim board mode behind the kite. The deck comes with a nice, thick full EVA deck pad which is comfortable and provides nice grip under your feet. The thin narrow sandwich construction is both durable, fairly light and the board is a great size for traveling. The thinner deck make it easy to tip the rail into the water for strapless water starts but there’s not as much float for touch downs as some of the larger sandwich shapes. The double agent has a little flip in the nose of the board which helps prevent it from pearling on touch downs when you come off a foil. In essence the Double Agent is great all around size that has just enough surface area for the beginner but is small enough to not get in your way as you progress to strapless freeriding. It also has a center line or three foot strap inserts so you can dial it in for some jumping or strapped cruising. The Double Agent is also equipped with some small fins so you can pull it behind a boat or kite with it with some added grip for kiting or wakeboarding. A great set up to have for learning new foil skills with back up duty for skim and wake styles.