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Cabrinha Moto X Review

Brand: Cabrinha

Kite Model: Moto X

Sizes Tested(m): 12                             

Sizes Available(m): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14                             

Control Bar: Overdrive Trimlite


The totally redesigned Moto X reaches new levels of high end performance with plenty of boost and hang time, nice feedback and light and crisp handling to excel in the full gamut of riding modes. 


The new Moto X received a complete redesign for 2023; it’s almost an entirely new kite with a new feel and all new level of breakthrough performance. The three-strut hybrid kite, with no pulley front bridles, the Moto X is one of three new designs from Cabrinha’s legendary designer Pat Goodman. The Moto X design aim was to provide a kite that has performance for any skill level, for versatile and accessible levels of performance that can adapt to any condition or riding discipline. Test riders were impressed with the quick and reactive steering, nice easy boost and overall performance of this kite. The Moto X kite definitely keeps pace with the top, do everything designs available for 2023. It will be exciting to try the smaller sizes given the quick turning speed and crisp and reactive handling of this 12 meter. In fact, where often Cabrinha kites in the past seemed larger than their named size, this twelve meter felt more true to its size or even slightly smaller with quick and reactive turns and light touch steering. The Moto X 12 meter is easy and intuitive, with good stability and forward pull, making it ideal for less skilled riders to learn the basics. Higher-level riders can rely on the Moto X with nice feedback from the kite lines and with quick and tight turn through the loops. This is a great kite for foiling or riding waves as well as boosting easy jumps with good control and consistent lift and glide. The kite has good low end power with fast and easy upwind drive and light touch steering. It rewards lesser skill jumps with easy and consistent lift and nice hang time. With fast pull and smooth pulling drive, this Moto X will get you back upwind quickly after some big lofty jumps. The new canopy and framing material makes the kite light and responsive. The pulley-free bridle system is compact and offers nice feel and feedback from the kite with positive turning initiation. Overall, if the smaller sizes turn out to be as indicative of the high levels of performance offered in the twelve-meter, the Moto X should become the workhorse of the Cabrinha lineup this year. 


May replace the Switchblade in Cabrinha rider quivers, especially in the larger size with its nice power band, quick turning and nice jumping and looping ability. 


Great kite for any skill level, from beginner to advanced, that wants a kite to learn new tricks or riding disciplines from waves to big jumps to riding on a foil. 

Control System: Cabrinha Operating System

The Cabrinha Operating System is the new control system they call the COS and this bar is packed with quality features and high functioning componentry. Starting with the grip itself, the new control bar is nicely padded and comfortable on the hands. The EVA foam covering has left and right tactile differences so the rider can feel if the bar is in the correct hand after crashes or spins. The bar ends easily click back and allow for leader and 8 cm of bar length adjustments and feature nicely streamlined and functional bar end floats. The new quick release trim loop offers the seatbelt stye engagement for quick and easy, single-handed reset as well, and tool free changing of the trim loop sizing. The split PU covered, main trim line and below the bar swivel, offer automatic untwisting of front lines when the bar is pushed away. A simple and clean trim system is also ensured with the new Trimlite stainless steel cleat for above the bar trimming of the front lines. Overall, a highly functional and well-designed control bar, the C0S gets top marks for checking all the boxes with high functioning features to match and exceed many of the industry leading control systems. 


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