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2023 Cabrinha Drifter Review

Sizes Tested(m)            9 M                                         

Sizes Available(m)        6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,14              


New age wave handling with smooth power delivery, and quick, pivotal turns, the Drifter also has versatility for freeriding and foiling and great lift and control for strapless freestyle.


The Drifter has been a legendary wave kite for many years and continues as the wave and strapless freestyle kite in the Cabrinha lineup. The new Drifter offers the ultimate performance for wave riding or for strapless freestyle, and it features a familiar three-strut frame with squared tips and a compact pulley-free bridle system. True to its name, the Drifter allows the rider to slash waves while it floats nicely down the line, with the ultimate drift and slash capability.   At the crucial moments when charging down the line or carving bottom-to-top turns, the Drifter floats beautifully in the air and under low line tension and has the optimum balance to enhance its ghost-like qualities on the wave.  The Drifter is built lighter than ever, with a 12.5 percent reduction in weight this year found through new-age Dacron material. This lighter and more reactive Drifter is also easier to relaunch and has better low-end power than ever. The Drifter also employs a narrow leading edge and highly refined profile, providing excellent upwind drive with the speed and power to escape any situation. The depower is plentiful to tame any gusty side-off wind days, and it responds directly to rider input and quickly pivots and loops with the right amount of consistent pull through its turn. Wave kite designs, like the Drifter, tend to sit slightly further back in the wind window than most freeride-oriented, all-around kites, which benefit waves and light wind foil riding.  As they sit back in the window, the wave kite also initiates turns while fully depowered or while riding toe side more easily. The Drifter does this magically and nicely and reacts to rider input with quick pivots that are easily initiated with single-handed steering. Capable of more than just wave riding, the Drifter has great boost with smooth lift for strapless airs or boosting and could easily be an around kite for waves, foil or twin tip riding. It tracks well overhead, has a nimble response to rider input, and recovers well after sending it for some decent hang time. Overall, the Drifter is a highly refined wave kite that should excite advanced riders that want to push the limits in the surf, but it has the versatility and ease of use for any skill level and is well suited to foiling or easy freeriding. 


Not as big boosting for big hangtime but great for causal boosting, the Drifter is a wave and freestyle kite that sits at the head of the surf class. 


The hard-core surf crowd will love it, and it is also great for foiling or free-riders that want a well-behaved three-strut kite with lots of range and power.


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