The all new HI:RISE LIFT foil is Cabrinha’s answer to the progression of the easy-cruising, affordable and well-designed, high-lift foils of 2019. The test team was impressed with the easy assembly and overall finish of the new HI:RISE LIFT. The wings are durable and lighter than many of today’s larger winged foils and are built with a wood core that’s wrapped in composites and glass which keeps them stiff and light. Cabrinha also uses a lighter grade aluminum mast and fuselage system that features a water tight extrusion construction process for lighter weight and improved floatation. There are 40, 60 and 85 centimeter masts available for this system. The HI:RISE LIFT was one of the few dedicated kiteboarding foils we had on the test and it checks all the boxes for a perfect progression foil. The larger wings and light weight wings of the HI:RISE LIFT feel light and agile under foot and help to push this foil up with very little effort. It also cruises at slow speeds and has a skatey and nimble feel to it. A shorter fuselage keeps thing compact and tightens the turn radius and pivot action of this foil. The main thing a rider notices when jumping on the HI:RISE LIFT is that it is not a speed-oriented ride and it foils up and tops out at speeds similar to the fastest of the larger surf foils. Its advantage is not breakneck speed but control, because even as the power gets heavier in the kite with more wind and/or higher speeds the HI:RISE LIFT keeps things under control. It won’t get overpowered like some of the large surf foils that can start to over levitate at times and require more front foot pressure at higher speeds to keep them in control. Overall, The Cabrinha HI:RISE LIFT is a great choice for new riders or any level rider that wants an easy-cruising kite foil for learning transitions and capitalizing on light winds or carving in the surf.