Men’s Finals at Solaire Blue Open 2017

The day saw the start of the men’s finals here in Blue Palawan. The sun was out, and the wind was up, as the men took to the water for a heated battle for the top sports. Eight riders in the finals.

The Men’s Final saw a huge upset!  2016 KPL Vice Champion Brandon Schied started out strong, scoring a pair of 5.8s on the first 2 features.  However, he took a rogue gust on his last attempt on the Rooftop and missed the second half of the rail while attempting to gap from the Ollie saver, leaving him with a 1.3.  Then he was a little off on the starboard kicker, butt checking his Mobe 5 for a 2.8. Noe Font put together a great heat with a solid set of rail hits including a Nollie Ledge Step Up Back Tail 270, scoring a 6.  Ewan Jaspan was on fire taking the highest score of the Final with a Toe Back 5 Stalefish scoring a 7.5 on the starboard kicker.  KPL Champion Sam Light impressed the judges with the highest slider average as well as a Moby Dick 5 scoring a 7.2.

Women’s Heat 2 saw Sensi Graves pull out a few KPL ‘firsts’ with a ledge step up on the North Kiteboarding Box and Frontside 540s both ways on the kicker.  Her highest score came on the Rooftop with a 180 Front 5050 Pretzel 270 Back Lip 270 scoring a 6. Colleen Carroll was able to come from behind with the highest scoring port kicker hit and a Toe Back 3 Melan which scored a 4.1.  Annelous Lammerts took a relatively safe approach but her consistency and speed saw her tally up great scores.

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