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From The MagSam Medysky - Rep 411

Sam Medysky – Rep 411

Sam Medysky is the North American sales manager for Airush and a six-time Canadian national kitesurfing champion. He makes his home in Squamish, British Columbia.

What surprised you most about Airushwhen you started working for them?

Many have known and seen Airush around since the early days of kiteboarding. Many people don’t know that Starboard Windsurf/SUP and Airush are actually the same company. Airush is the kiteboarding division of Starboard. What surprised me the most about Airush and the entire Starboard group is that we are a certified B Corp company and the only certified B Corp company in kiteboarding. For those who don’t know what a B Corp company is: certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

To summarize we care about the environment and are carbon neutral. Today there is a lot of green washing used in marketing. At Airush/Starboard we practise what we preach, no B.S. We put the environment first and continue to make efforts to reduce our footprint and preserve our beautiful planet. 

How involved are you in giving product feedback throughout the life cycle of each kite? From a sales point of view, as an experienced pro rider and consumer feedback from demos?

From my experience in the wind sports industry since 1998 I have worked in many aspects of the business. I started out as a kid with a dream to go pro but in order to make that happen I worked teaching kiteboarding and in a retail kite shop to pay for travel before getting on board as a paid athlete. Now at 31-years-old I’m the sales manager for Airush Americas. I think working all aspects of the industry has made me well-rounded and given me perspective and insight on all users and what their needs are in certain products. I’m very fortunate Airush and AK Durable Supply Company value and trust my feedback. They have always asked for feedback from not just me but our customers, retailers, schools and centres. At the end of the day to continue to innovate and design, feedback is required to progress forward. 

What trends in the sport excite you most?

The wheel has come full circle. It’s crazy but the trends we experience in kiteboarding have come and gone and are back again. It’s funny to see aspects of kiteboarding from the early days resurfacing and gaining popularity. Great example? Foiling. In the early 2000s Rush Randle was kite foiling on Maui. Fast forward 20 years and foiling has exploded. Obviously the gear has improved and made it more accessible. I’m stoked to see kiteboarding continuing to evolve and under the power of a kite we have so many genres of kiteboarding. It’s really an endless sport. I love the variety and the ability to always find progression while using a kite to pull me around. 

What piece of kitesurfing gearexcited you most for 2021?

AK Durable Supply Company released the Ether Waist harness for 2021. It’s a minimalist approach to a waist harness. It’s super comfortable, light and very easy to travel withI know the hardshells are great, but for winging, foiling, wave riding and free riding they are way too overkill. The Ether is such a simple concept and approach to a harness. I’m stoked to see innovation in this space. There hasn’t been a ton of innovation in harnesses. 

Sam Medysky in Squamish, BC.
Chris Rollett photo

What is in you personal quiver?

My personal quiver right now is as follows:

Airush 12 meter LIFT

Airush Union 9 meter

Airush 6 meter Ultra V4

Airush Freewing Air V2 4 meter

AK Phazer 5’8” 90 liter

AK Surf Foil 1600

Also If the conditions line up right I usually steal Jack Rieder’s 11 or 13 meter Airush Razor for a freestyle session. 

What gear is in your dad’s school quiver?

My Dad, Dano! At Sauble Beach Kitesurfing school: Well he’s got a mixture of Airush Lithium kites and Airush Session kites. He might even have a 12 meter LIFT for an old man, big-air, table top kinda day!

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