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Video2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Full Video Coverage

2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Full Video Coverage

And the 2017 Triple-S winner is…


Sam Light joins us for Episode 4 to break down what it’s like to ride the John Wayne Cancer Foundation Mega Rooftop, from the gap to technical presses he shares all. After Sam’s segment, the boys are back behind the desk to compare hits across the Wayne and enlighten us as to what the Judges are looking for. Once you know all about the John Wayne 82ft Mega Rooftop we have special guests Mix Master Mike, Daddy Brady and Big Hair joining Trip for the Carolina Brewery Last Call. Mike goes deep and shares his experience at REAL, his obligations to his friends and what it’s like to partner up with the Dubplates like Voltron. Check back tomorrow for another episode of the Post Show where we will share more.


What makes a hit stand out from the rest when the level of riding is sky high? Riders need to lock into presses, maximize spins, and hold grabs as long as possible to make the best impression and attain the highest scores. Brandon Scheid breaks down the Liquid Force Reverse Rainbow, from the nicknames to the type of hits we will see. Brandon shares what makes this feature “Oh so nice”. After we learn about zeaching and hit technicalities we move into the Carolina Brewery Last Call where American Pinup joins us after their show on the waterfront stage. Enjoy this highly technical episode and check back tomorrow for another episode of the Wind Voyager Triple-S Post Show.


The level of competition has never been higher in the REAL Slick. Monday, June 5th provided breeze steadily increasing through the day, enabling us to make it all the way through the final rounds of the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. The Women brought the best riding we have witnessed in the event’s history, with big kicker hits and technical slider riding shown throughout each heat. The Men battled it out all day, constantly upping the ante, answering one another’s tricks and pushing themselves to new heights. The afternoon brought enough wind for impromptu mega loop session in between heats, riders were looping over the entire park and putting on an incredible show for the spectators on the Slick Dock. Stay tuned for more episodes of the Post Show packed with special guests and more action throughout the week.


With day 1 one of the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational done, we bring you the Post Show Episode 1. In this episode, the hosts share the highlights of the day and invite special guests behind the desk. The riders are constantly pushing the limits in the REAL Slick with Kelsick, Jaspan & Scheid throwing back to back to back 720’s being a standout battle. The Women’s field has never been more competitive with style and amplitude at an all time high. After the riding overview, we have special guests, Ky-Mani Marley, and Big Hair joining us for the Carolina Brewery Last Call. These guys just went kiteboarding for their first time and share their experience on the Wind Voyager Triple-S Post Show.


Welcome back to the Wind Voyager Triple-S Pre Show. In this episode, we’re running through the Judging Criteria. What does it take to score well? What’s going to add and what will deduct from the riders overall scores? After Trip, Davey and Jason run us through the judging process, Craig Cunningham and Eric Rienstra share their take on what the judges are looking for on the North A-Frame and the Core Super Kicker.

The Challenge Series continues this year, with the prize purses rolling over and doubling from last year. The first women to stomp a 720 will be awarded $1440 and the first rider to stomp the 1080 in competition will receive $2160. These two tricks will be world firsts, pushing the level of kiteboarding and the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational to new heights. Check back in for our next episode. We will break away from the Pre Show and focus on the action in the main event on the Wind Voyager Triple-S Post Show.


In this episode, we’re going through the park overview and setting the stage for the 12th annual Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. Trip Forman, Jason Slezak and Davey Blair are back behind the desk to educate and entertain. Craig Cunningham shares his perspective of the North Kiteboarding A-Frame, the most accessible feature in the park and where we will witness the most technical presses in the competition. REAL teamrider, Eric Rienstra talks about how to blast off the Core Kiteboarding Super Kicker, what will score well and what tricks we will likely see from the Men’s and Women’s divisions. After our guest sections, we will go over Event Format, each competitor will get three hits on each feature with one pass allowed. Once they have three hits under their belt their highest scoring hit will be counted towards their overall score. This format allows riders to either go 100% on their first hit or play it safe and build up to more technical maneuvers in their second and third hits. Check back through the weekend for another episode of the Pre Show. Once the Invitational begins we will transition into the Wind Voyager Triple-S Post Show, where you can catch all of the action from each day.


The Wind Voyager Triple-S Pre Show is your official source for event information leading up to the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. Trip Forman, Jason Slezak & Davey Blair share event history, how riders are chosen for the competition and event format in part 1 of the Wind Voyager Triple-S Pre Show. Tune in for an entertaining & educational experience with historic and current action throughout the show.


Since 2008, kiteboarders from all over the planet have assembled their best footage to submit for the Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard Video Contest. Each year, the best wakestyle riders scour their hard drives for the “A+” clips, then hit the water and session their brains out to stack a few last-minute tricks into the edit. Standout riders from kite spots all over the world hold nothing back, showcasing their talent on a wide variety of kicker and slider features. The results are nothing short of mind-blowing, an incredible snapshot of the wakestyle kiteboarding scene.


Internationally recognized as the crown jewel of wakestyle kiteboarding competition, the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational will showcase the talents of the most progressive wakestyle kiteboarders on the planet. The format pits riders against one another in high-stakes heats and laid-back freeriding sessions in the world’s premier kite park.

Running June 3rd thru 9th, the Wind Voyager Triple-S showcases the best in park style action & an epic music lineup including Method Man & Redman, Mix Master Mike & Ky-Mani Marley.

Check out the event website for more details. WWW.TRIPLESINVITATIONAL.COM

Edit | Ryan Osmond
Film | Brian Wennersten, Ryan Osmond, Jeffrey O’neil

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