SIZES TESTED (m): 7, 9 11 / SIZES AVAILABLE (m): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 / CONTROL SYSTEM: Click Bar 

The benchmark for refinement and precision in the waves with huge range and versatility across disciplines. 

The Neo is the wave-specific design of the North lineup and it’s one of the most award winning and refined wave kite designs of the group. The 2018 has undergone some small refinements to this exceptional performer. Having a 9 or 10 and a 7 meter Neo in your quiver equips any rider with a massive wind range and this kite not only has tons of low end power for each size but it also has great amounts of upper end range. The Neo is fast turning, reactive and excels in the ability to grant lots of power that can be adjusted and shut off in quick order. Great balance and drift, the Neo comes close to the best at drifting down the line. Combined with the North Click Bar, you can instantly adjust the power as you’re heading into the wave if needed. This kite is no slouch in the freeride category either. You can change the setting to alter the kite to give it better freeride capability with lots of boost and glide and lighter steering. The Neo directional is ideal for foil riding and lets you keep the kite size down which guarantees greater efficiency and faster turning. The Neo combined with the North Click Bar also creates the ultimate instant trim system for riding waves or foiling. A click of a button and the back lines are lengthened giving the kite more depower. Great for pulling into waves where you want to quickly kill some extra power to set up the perfect ride and link your bottom and top turns while the Neo drifts down the line. Overall, the Neo keeps its top spot as one of the most refined kites for waves and beyond. For serious kite surfers that want a kite that is dynamite for waves but can also adapt without compromise when the surf is shot. 


The Neo has few faults but if you like riding with boots and are interested in twintip wakestyle when you’re not in the surf with your directional, look to the North Dice. 

Any level of rider that wants a kite to tear up the waves or push your directional board skills to new levels. The Neo’s low end power and amazing range gets you in the surf with the smallest kite possible resulting in a faster turning kite for every session.