SIZES TESTED (m): 9 / SIZES AVAILABLE (m): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 LW, 14 LW / CONTROL SYSTEM: Sensor2 Pro 


Dedicated wave performance for down the line surfing, with tight, snappy turns, smooth pull and precision handling that ups your game. 

The new Section 2 wave kite from Core shows improved handling and better low end power for 2018. Unlike other brands that tweak models each year, the Core kite models are redesigned over a two-year period. This ensures increased levels of incremental improvement over the previous year’s version. Core’s kites are packed with quality materials like their exclusive Exotex Dacron frame. This allows for a rock solid frame with a high functioning, narrow diameter leading edge design. The Section’s bridle system is also ultra-short and compact which eliminates the chances of any bridle wrap ups if the kite gets munched in the surf. For steering and handling in the waves this kite is in its element and does what it needs to do for wave riding. Great drift, and smooth pull through a quick pivot, the Section rarely stalls through the turn which in turn ensures reliable handling every critical moment. It’s not a big jumping kite but its got the type of lift and pop that’s ideal for strapless airs. This means the Section doesn’t ever yank you too high and the smooth depower helps with landings. Overall Section’s power is smooth and this kite has some of the fastest and snappiest turning speeds of any kite in the test. This speedy handling allows the rider to loop and send the Section to the right spot when and where it’s needed. The Section also has some of the best positive feedback, that’s not fatiguing but great for the rider to know where the kite is while riding a wave. The Section has a light weight frame that drifts with the right balance and it’s a kite that you can back up nicely into the window if you need to ride down the line with the leading edge facing the wave face. The Section delivers performance for waves but is also great as a foil kite. The light wind versions of the Section in the 12 and 14 sizes also open up the lower wind range for foil riding or light wind surf days. 


A no compromise wave kite but may not be as universal or big jumping as some crossover models. 

Intermediate to advanced level riders that want a no compromise wave kite or foil board riders that seek a high depower, high performance kite that can be flown aggressively with solid rewards. 

CORE Section 2