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Core XR Pro Review

Sizes Tested: 12, 10 m
The Core XR Pro revolutionizes the big air experience, building upon the legendary XR series with cutting-edge enhancements for the dedicated aerialist. This kite introduces a more refined, lighter, and responsive design, particularly suited to those seeking an extra edge in their high-flying exploits.

2024 Core XR Pro Review – Kitesurfing Magazine / Dave Marshall photo

The XR Pro distinguishes itself with a noticeably narrower outline and a lighter presence in the sky compared to its counterpart the standard, XR. Its reactivity is enhanced by the incorporation of Aluula material, which significantly reduces weight while increasing responsiveness and frame rigidity. The result is a kite that feels more nimble and precise, offering direct and immediate feedback to steering inputs.
This model shines in its supercharged lift and exceptional hangtime, supporting fast, pivotal turns and efficient, low pull kite loops. The dream of every big air enthusiast, the XR Pro extends performance and range, enabling riders to reach new heights and execute more ambitious maneuvers with confidence. The Aluula frame’s stiffness not only maintains kite structure in higher wind ranges but also ensures the kite reacts instantly to rider input, providing a substantial performance edge. The XR Pro was definitely a standout in this group and is one model that is guaranteed to supercharge your kite sessions with its extra lift, drift and smooth and reactive handling.

2024 Core XR Pro Review – Kitesurfing Magazine / Dave Marshall photo

While the XR Pro is a masterpiece in performance and engineering, its focused design towards high-end capabilities might overwhelm beginners or casual riders. Its precise and direct control requires a confident hand, making it less suitable for those new to the sport or preferring a more forgiving kite.

The XR Pro is designed for the big air connoisseur and the fearless kite looper demanding the utmost from their equipment. Ideal for advanced riders who thrive in challenging conditions and seek to push the boundaries of what’s possible in kiteboarding. This kite promises to elevate the performance and confidence of those ready to tackle the most extreme conditions and maneuvers.

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