SIZES TESTED(m): 7, 9 / SIZES AVAILABLE(m): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 / CONTROL SYSTEM: Mission Control System 

Great drift, responsive steering for waves and great all around kite with amazing freeride boosting ability. 

The third generation Wow has some significant refinements that enhance its flying performance in the waves and beyond. This is a favourite LF kite model for many riders because it not only performs amazingly in the waves but offers some great boost and lift for great jumping and general freeriding. It’s one of the most freeride capable wave designated kites out there because of its jumping ability and adaptable handling and range. The Wow V3 has a very narrow leading edge and this lets its sit very forward in the wind window and drifts with great balance for down the line riding. On a wave it has all the performance elements that you want in a wave kite which include, responsive and direct steering, quick pivotal turns and lots of on-demand depower. It’s not as much as a sit back in the window set-it-and-forget-it wave kite, but more of a kite that has quick response at any part of the window and can get to that forward position and offers quick responsive turns to exit out when you need it. The Wow V3 also has good low end power, and some good lift and boost. It relaunches quickly with its swept leading edge and Liquid Force has solid build with solid tech and materials to keep it long lasting and withstand some pounding surf. A lot of wave kites don’t jump like freeride kites, but the Wow V3 has some great boost and glide to it. Its balanced drift and ability to fly forward in the window also make it a great foil riding kite. If you are a wave rider there’s a good chance you are foiling or about to learn, and the Wow has the performance needed for the multi-disciplined, intermediate to advanced kitesurfer. 


Make sure you have a good working pump as this kite requires more pressure than the average kite. Pump it rock solid to ensure you get all the performance it has to offer. 


Riders that want a versatile kite with some ideal wave DNA that slays it in the waves and beyond.