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2024 Ozone Reo V7 Ultra-X Review

Size Tested: 8m


The Ozone Reo V7 Ultra-X represents a pinnacle in wave kite technology, specifically designed for offshore down-the-line riding. Renowned for its exceptional drift, light yet predictable handling, and versatility between offshore and onshore settings, this kite stands out as the ultimate equipment for dedicated wave riders and foiling enthusiasts.


The Reo V7 Ultra-X is celebrated for its medicated wave performance, offering riders the ability to effortlessly switch between drift and power. The kite’s tunable bridle points enhance its adaptability, allowing users to optimize settings for varying conditions. The Ultra-X model maintains a rigid frame that effectively smooths out gusts, providing a consistent and controlled riding experience. Significant improvements have been made in terms of materials, including a 20% lighter dacron and 17% lighter canopy material, contributing to the kite’s ultralight and responsive nature. The innovative transverse sail shaping and additional seam near the leading edge result in a tighter canopy, increased range, and improved aerodynamic performance. The REO has been a leader in the dedicated wave riding discipline for many years, and this newest design keep it in the running as one the top wave performance kites out there.


While the Reo V7 Ultra-X is engineered for optimal wave performance, it might not cater as directly to those seeking a kite specifically for flat-water freestyle or big air. However, its benefits for freeride foilers and wave riders significantly outweigh this limitation.


The Ozone Reo V7 Ultra-X is tailored for advanced wave riders and kite foilers who demand the highest level of performance and handling in surf conditions. Its design caters to those seeking a kite that offers precise control, exceptional drift, and the ability to perform in the most challenging wave scenarios. Whether you’re navigating onshore or offshore waves, or taking advantage of light winds for foil sessions, the Reo V7 Ultra-X is designed to enhance and elevate your wave riding experience to unprecedented levels.

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