SIZES TESTED (M): 9, 11 / SIZES AVAILABLE(M): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, / CONTROL BAR: CONTACT WATER V 


A decade of legendary freeride and race performance with big boosting and fast pull speed, this kite slips upwind and has optimum control in the upper wind range. 


The Ozone Edge V10 has been a performance leader for over a decade and provides the rider with a kite that gives exciting boost but also remains nimble and reactive at high speed and full power. It’s designed with a longer and narrower shape with a flat central canopy and supportive, five strut frame. Built for high speed action and smooth turning performance, the Edge V10 delivers on its promises for pulling fast, boosting big and offering great control and exceptional performance in the upper wind range. It was one of the kites in the category that had some of the lightest touch steering and fastest turn initiation with smooth and progressive pull through the arcing turns. Having a little lift and drive through the turn is great for helicopter looping your kite when coming down for big landings and the Edge V10 does this admirably. Boosting big jumps also requires speed and the Edge has quick pull speed that increases with each notch of added wind power. It also has some very progressive depower that comes on easily at arm’s length. This helps to swallow up the gusts and keep the rider in control and driving the Edge to the max speed and big air. The Edge has a narrow leading edge which helps it slip through the air with great speed and also lets the Edge rip upwind which is another great performance trait for a big boosting kite where you’re always fighting to get back upwind after some big jumps. 


Not as much low end power as some of the other big air kites, but the handling and upwind drive more than make up for it. 


Intermediate to advanced level freeriders that want a big boosting kite that has specialized performance for going big and soaring long distances.