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SIZES TESTED (M): 9, 12 / SIZES AVAILABLE(M): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10, 11, 12 ,14 



Back-to-back winner of the Red Bull’s King of the Air, the Pivot jumps huge with smooth power and hang time, plus it’s easy to fly and can handle almost any kite discipline. 


The Naish Pivot has emerged as a big jumping legend over the past couple of seasons but it’s much more than just a big air kite. Its hybrid delta shape with a light three strut frame features swept but widened wingtips. New for 2020, the Pivot has some nice new tweaks with some new critical seams and panel shaping in the wingtips giving it even more precision steering and reactive performance. As well the new inflation system and flat valve give the Pivot some new style and better inflation functionality. The Pivot has been a performance leader in the freeride category for many years. It simply has very adaptable and easy handling that works in the waves, behind a foil or for almost any type of riding discipline. With its great low end power and efficiency and great range and depower, the Pivot is one of the few kites that any rider can grow their skills with riding on any board in their quiver. The Pivot has very direct feel, as well, with great feedback but light bar pressure. Turning is smooth, direct, quick and pivotal with just a bit of smooth pull through the loop. The lift when jumping is also smooth and pushes you to the stratosphere with the right speed and timing. It’s not necessarily a big air kite that’s just an easy sheet in and boost type ride, but enter with speed and the right timing and the Pivot will soar. The Pivot also has the amazing ability to get back to where it needs to be for soft landings. It’s a kite that can be way off axis and still respond quickly and zip itself across the top of the window to dive down letting the rider land softly. This is important as the hang time of the Pivot is amazing even though it doesn’t have the big flat canopy and five struts. The solid frame with high PSI inflation keeps its shape and performance at all times. 


If you are only strapless riding waves and don’t care to jump or freeride, the Pivot has more power and lift than some might care for. 


Intermediate to advanced level riders that want a freeride kite that can boost big but also has the power range and versatility for a wide range of conditions and riding disciplines. 

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