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2024 Naish Pivot Nvision Review

Sizes Tested(m): 12 m, 9 m, 


The Naish Pivot Nvision emerges as a groundbreaking all-rounder in the kiteboarding world, setting a new benchmark for versatility and performance across all disciplines. With enhancements in design and material technology, this kite is poised to maintain its status as the quintessential choice for riders seeking a single kite to excel in every condition and style.

Naish Pivot Nvision Review – Kitesurfing Magazine / Dave Marshall photo


The Naish Pivot Nvision is a standout with its enhanced low-end performance and superior control in high wind conditions, surpassing its counterparts with its innovative Aluula frame construction. This kite is engineered for swift, reactive turns, and delivers a significantly more powerful boost and extended hangtime, catering to the big air enthusiasts without compromising in any other aspect.

The direct response coupled with a light and forgiving bar pressure sets this kite apart, offering an enjoyable and confident riding experience. Its versatility is unmatched, proving its worth from foil to surf and beyond, all while showcasing the big air prowess that the Pivot series is renowned for. It’s a unique trait for one kite to be good at waves and foil, but also boost with the best big air kites around. The Nvision was admired by all and a standout for overall performance. The integration of Aluula and Quadtex materials results in a durable yet lightweight kite, excelling in various wind conditions from light breezes to gusty winds. The innovative design features, such as the Helium Frame, Swift Tips, and the optimized bridle system, contribute to its streamlined performance, reducing air and water drag for a smoother, more efficient ride. Fast pulling and direct, the Nvision has the all the qualities of the standard Pivot that riders admire, but is supercharged with the new age leading edge material for even bigger boosting, more hangtime, and reactive steering response. 


While the Pivot Nvision is designed to be the ultimate all-rounder, its wide range of capabilities and advanced materials may come with a steeper learning curve for beginners or those accustomed to more specialized kites.


The Naish Pivot Nvision is the ideal choice for riders of all levels who demand a high-performing, versatile kite that excels in every discipline. From those looking to progress in their big air skills to riders exploring the waves or the foil, the Pivot Nvision offers the perfect blend of power, precision, and ease of use, ensuring it remains a favorite among a wide range of kiteboarders.

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