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2024 Duotone Neo SLS Review

Sizes Tested(m): 9, 12 m


The 2024 Duotone Neo SLS continues to dominate the wave-riding sector, now with added enhancements that bolster its reputation for exceptional performance. Renowned for its wave performance and versatility, the Neo is acclaimed for setting the standard in drift capabilities, reactive steering, and overall freeride utility. It stands out as a quintessential kite for surf enthusiasts and freeriders alike.

2024 Duotone Neo SLS Review - Kitesurfing Magazine
2024 Duotone Neo SLS Review – Kitesurfing Magazine


The Neo’s impressive wave performance is matched by its solid versatility, making it a preferred choice for riders looking to excel in varied conditions. Its ability to initiate and finish turns, whether snappy or drawn-out, underscores its adaptability and user-friendly nature. The kite’s excellent jumping capability further extends its appeal beyond just wave riding to become a genuinely all-around freeride solution. The introduction of Hybrid Flex Struts and the revised wing tip shape in the new Neo SLS enhances handling, allowing for smoother operation and faster steering. These modifications lead to a kite that not only feels smoother in transitions but also enables quicker depower response, essential for dynamic wave riding and freestyle maneuvers.

2024 Duotone Neo SLS Review - Kitesurfing Magazine
2024 Duotone Neo SLS Review – Kitesurfing Magazine


While the Duotone Neo is designed as a wave-oriented kite, its focus on this discipline might make it less suitable for riders strictly interested in disciplines like aggressive freestyle or racing. However, its performance in freeride and versatility can make it an attractive option for many riders.


The Duotone Neo 9m is particularly suited for intermediate to advanced riders who prioritize wave riding but also appreciate an all-around kite with strong freeride capabilities. Its latest enhancements make it an even better choice for those seeking a high-performance kite that excels in waves, offers great drift, and maintains control and power in various conditions. Whether you’re a dedicated wave rider, a strapless freestyle enthusiast, or someone who enjoys big air and smooth landings, the Neo offers a compelling combination of features that cater to a broad range of kiteboarding disciplines.

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