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SIZES TESTED (M): 9, 12 

SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15LW, 17LW,19 LW 



A true hang time specialist, with the right combination of smooth pull, efficient range and predictable handling that lets any rider gain the confidence to load it up and jump big. 


The Raptor V1 is one of the newest members of Slingshot’s revamped, refined and re-energized kite lineup for 2020. It features Slingshot’s exclusive open C canopy shape with a five strut frame that keeps it solid through the entire wind range. With ultra-smooth pull and moderate bar pressure the Raptor is easy to keep track of overhead as it sucks up the gusts and drive with nice smooth tension through all four flying lines. It has very smooth and controlled pull and easy power to find and control with low back stalling tendencies. The wide wingtips ensure you can initiate turns with good response and without the lag time of some more pinched win tip style kites. The Raptor’s turns are very pivotal, not aggressively quick but predictable and smooth. The pull is also nice, but not aggressive through the whole turn and the open arc of the kite. The Raptor’s flat central section, ensures it drives with easy to find power. It also keeps the kite aloft for good distances through the boost and rewards any skill level with some controlled hang time. This is a kite for great hang time and will help any level rider build the confidence to go big even when wind is gusty and less predictable. The leading edge right through to the wingtips is slightly larger which keeps the kite rock solid when under extreme load and ensures the same control and predictability when it’s in its upper wind range and you want to push the limits of big air. 


Not as much low end power as some of the others but smooth and predictable response keeps the rider in control for boosting and gliding big in heart-pounding upper wind ranges. 


One of the most user friendly of big air kites, the Raptor will suit any level of rider that wants a smooth pulling, big lofting kite that gives the rider 

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