SIZES TESTED (M): 9, 12 

SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 11, 12, 14 



High end performance, big boosting machine, with ultra-smooth and predictable drive, fast and controllable speed, great upwind drive and buttery and consistent pull through the entire loop. 


The Orbit is the big jumping and big hang time freeride kite of the reinvented North Kiteboarding line. Designed with a solid, five strut frame, the Orbit was one of the smoothest and most reactive handling of the big air, five strut kites tested this round. It keeps its fine-tuned performance through its entire wind range. Direct and responsive steering with nice feedback but light bar pressure for turning, it pulls smoothly on the front lines and depowers nicely to smooth out the gusts. The Orbit has nice aggressive lift that is smooth on the way up and nicely controlled on the way down. Very impressive hang time and the smooth and consistent pull through the sweeping turns of the Orbit make it easy for the rider to direct the kite for soft landings from high altitudes. The Orbit also has great upwind drive, sits nicely forward in the window with consistent and quick pull speed that lets the rider stay in control and load up the lines for boosting to the stratosphere. Easy to find low end power with a nice big sweet spot, the Orbit was close to the more powerful kites of this group. Nice turn initiation and smooth and consistent pull through the entire sweeping turn of the kite give the Orbit an admirable combination of control and high end performance. Impressive first version of a kite design from the new North Kiteboarding brand, the Orbit will not disappoint anyone that likes to jump big and float for long distances. 


In lighter winds, the Orbit can be more pitch sensitive combined with the heavier five strut frame this can cause more back stall for those riders with less skill. 


Intermediate to advanced level riders that want a high performance big air kite that loves high altitude jumps with butter smooth loops and quick and reactive steering.