SIZES TESTED (M): 12 / SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 4, 6, 8,10, 12, 14, 16 



Fast turning and reactive with quickly initiated turning and performance handling ideal for foil, freeride or waves. 


The Alpha V1 is Ozone’s single strut design that delivers performance for foiling and beyond. It features a compact C shape frame, with wide wingtips and a swept leading edge that’s merged with a flat arc canopy shape. The result is a high performance, quick turning and tight looping kite that has great range and handling for riding a modern foil or for any freeride discipline from flatwater twintip to riding waves. Decent low end power combines with lively and quick pivoting performance that suits intermediate to advanced levels of rider that want the performance benefits of a light weight kite without compromising too much in the precision steering or stability through loops. The Alpha feels like a performance oriented three strut kite with fast and reactive turns and nice, light touch steering. But it also has the ability to relaunch in ultra light winds and provide better float and drift for foil riding or carving up waves. Our test riders were impressed with the slick upwind performance, direct feedback and fast turn speed of the Alpha. The Alpha is a kite that responds directly and quickly from rider input, ensures soft landing with some tight kiteloops or downturns. It has excellent efficiency and all around performance that make it an excellent travel kite that can fit into any quiver. 


You can drive more power into the Alpha with some powered dives, but some found it harder to push out the extra low wind drive. 


Intermediate to advanced riders that want a single strut kite that can drive their foil skills to new levels but also want high performance handling for some freeride twintip cruising, boosting or directional riding in waves.