SIZES TESTED (M): 12, 9 M / SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 



The Boxer SLK is the benchmark for low end power and ultimate light win performance. Easy sheet in and go handling that has foil specific benefits but is versatile for learning the basics of any freeride discipline. 


Naish’s second generation single strut kite, the Boxer SLK (Super Light Kite) has shaped and defined the performance of this category for the past couple of seasons. With ideal performance for light wind foiling or general freeriding, the Boxer SLK 12 meter proved again to be the single strut design with the most efficient and easy power generation. With stable and balanced drift, the Boxer SLK lifts to the zenith with minimal wind power. It has a deep canopy and light weight frame that enables it to water relaunch in ultra light winds. The Boxer SLK has smooth forward drive with power that’s easy to find. Depower also comes on quickly as you sheet out the bar and it kills the kite’s power, so you can stay on the foil and manoeuvre the kite to the right position. This makes adjusting power while on a foil easy without being pulled off balance. The unique floating, single luff strut is more loosely attached to the canopy of the kite, which allows the kite to breathe and gives extra floatability and efficiency while underpowered. Through the turns the Boxer SLK’s feedback is direct but it still has nice light touch steering and pulls smoothly off the front lines, freeing up any negative feedback or unwanted bar pressure from the steering lines. Sheet in and go, the Boxer SLK has a big sweet spot and is a great kite for any level of rider to advance skills in almost every discipline of kiteboarding. Nice smooth, low pull power is generated through the turns and the Boxer SLK can loop tight and pivot more off centred with some nice smooth pull as well. The larger sized Boxer is one of the best performing, larger sized kites in the Naish freeride lineup and they have applications beyond just foiling. With nice boost and glide for jumping, quick depower and nice balance drift, the Boxer SLK can handle waves and twintip freeriding with only some minor performance compromises in its upper wind range. 


There is a slight lag in turn initiation when the Boxer is above your head and the kite initially pivots for a dive into the window, but the smooth power, amazing range and smooth pulling pivot provide consistent handling that’s hard to beat. 


Almost the perfect kite for the modern, multi displined kiteboarder that wants to foil in light winds and also have an easy kite to use for any level of freeride discipline.