SIZES TESTED (M): 10 / SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 2.5, 4, 6, 8,10, 12, 15, 17 



A round, playful and nimble performance, perfect for carving turns and transitions on the latest freeride foil designs. 


The Ghost V1 is Slingshot’s answer to the single strut kite phenomenon that offers some unique design and handling characteristics to compliment today’s highly efficient and manoeuvrable surf style foils. Packed with exclusive Slingshot design features, the lightweight, single strut canopy has a compact swept C shape that gives the Ghost some very reactive handling, nice depower and easy water relaunch with its swept wingtip design. The Ghost is very wide through the centre and combined with the light weight and leading edge shape, it almost bounces off the water, rolls and re-launches. Power delivery is smooth and for a single strut frame there is less flutter when sheeted out fully than some of the other designs. Slingshot uses their stiffest proprietary canopy cloth. Combined with its round and wide shape the Ghost was one of the least fluttery, one strut kite in the group. It also sits back in the wind window and pulls with smooth power that doesn’t tug hard on your harness and pulls nicely. Turning speed is quick with a very central pivot that lets you change kite direction with a quick loop that has very little pull through the turn. It has more of a pivot and then drive type turn, which has it applications for riding smaller kites on the slower cruising and smooth carving foils. Slingshot also employs their IBS bridle system which uses a bungee on the bridles that help the kite engage while fully sheeted out. The smaller sizes also offer really nice balanced drift and float through the air. The power is easy to find with its low aspect shape and centrally pivoting turn style. The test team riders preferred the performance of the 8 and 6 meter kites over the larger 10 and 12 meter sizes. Also the lower aspect shape that sits back in the window allows the rider to etch out extra power even with a smaller kite size. The ability to change the kite’s direction instantly, with a low pull central pivot, makes it ideal for cruising on today’s smooth carving foils, especially with the lower speed, surf style foils that are becoming the most popular to learn and progress with. 


Not as much performance benefit in the larger sizes but has advantages for nimble control and easy handling in the smaller sizes. 


Foil riders that want a foil specific kite to pair with their new freeride foil to learn more advanced transitions and carving skills.