SIZES TESTED (M): 9, 11 / SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 3.5, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 



Solid, low end power, dynamic handling with a direct bar feel and less flutter in the canopy through its tight pivotal turns. 


The Duotone Mono has been around for several generations and its current iteration has been completed redesigned. It’s dialled this year with better low end power, a more direct and crisp feel and more range with less disruptive flutter through the canopy. The Mono has a lower aspect ratio this year and wide wingtips so it sits back in the window slightly and pulls more evenly off all four lines. It has instant and easy to find power and amazing stability in the air with almost zero tendency to back stall. If you are learning to foil, chances are you are going to be in very light winds or at least flying with a kite that is underpowered. Having a kite that doesn’t back stall when the wind is extremely underpowered is a huge benefit. The wide tips and fatter body of the Mono also make this kite superb at water relaunch, even in light wind as it responds intuitively to pilot input. The Mono has the most direct bar feel of any of the single strut kites in the test and makes it easy to track where the kite is in sky. This is especially helpful as you rip into transitions on your foil and the kite is above your head and impossible to spot. Fast pivotal turns initiate instantly and provide smooth and even power through the loop. The more centrally pivot turn lets the Mono quickly U-turn and change direction, which is also a key element when riding on a foil board. The Mono also offers great boost and hang time as well, and is well suited to blasting around on a surfboard for some wave action or ripping up the slick on your twintip. 


Sits back in the window so pulls harder with more feedback coming across the window at times. 


Any level of rider that wants the efficiency of a single strut kite that has great low end power, easy handling and solid pull with direct feel and quick pivotal turns.