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2024 Duotone Rebel SLS Review

Size Tested(m): 12


The 2024 Rebel SLS stands as a testament to Duotone’s relentless pursuit of perfection, delivering an exhilarating kiteboarding experience that defies the limits of big air and freeride disciplines. This latest iteration sees significant improvements in handling dynamics and structural integrity, making it a powerhouse of performance and versatility.

2024 Duotone Rebel SLS Review – Kitesurfing Magazine/Dave Marshall photo


The Rebel SLS excels in delivering smooth, dynamic handling paired with a solid and fast drive upwind, setting a new benchmark for performance kites. The kite’s refined wingtips and optimized canopy tension ensure quick turning speeds and superior gust handling, maintaining its shape across a wide range of wind conditions. Its construction, featuring the innovative combination of Penta TX and Trinity TX materials, achieves an exceptional level of rigidity. This translates into a stable flight experience that consistently delivers smooth and powerful pulls, without sacrificing control. Riders will appreciate the heavier bar pressure of the Rebel SLS, which provides perfect feedback, allowing for precise control without causing fatigue. The steering speed and more nimble loops of this year’s version are a trait that sets it apart from the Rebels of old.  Its sweeping turns generate consistent power, enabling riders to power through transitions with speed and grace. The introduction of Flex Struts enhances the Rebel’s intuitive handling and dynamic steering, offering an unmatched level of responsiveness.

The Rebel SLS also shines in its ability to facilitate explosive take-offs and vertical boosts, propelling riders to astonishing heights with extended hangtime. This kite is designed for those who crave the thrill of big air, offering longer flight times with each jump and ensuring the precise handling required at higher speeds and in solid powered conditions. 

2024 Duotone Rebel SLS Review – Kitesurfing Magazine/Dave Marshall photo


While the Rebel SLS is a masterpiece in the realms of big air and freeride, its focus on performance and handling may require a higher skill level for optimal enjoyment. The kite’s emphasis on heavier bar pressure for feedback might not suit every rider’s preference, especially those accustomed to lighter-touch kites.


The Rebel SLS is ideally suited for intermediate to advanced riders who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of big air and freeride kiteboarding. Its robust performance characteristics make it a top choice for enthusiasts seeking to achieve greater heights, longer hangtimes, and an overall exhilarating riding experience. Whether looking to dominate local height scores or simply enjoy the thrill of a high-performance kite, the Rebel SLS promises to take your kiteboarding adventures to new levels.

Duotone Rebel SLS


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