SIZES TESTED(m): 7, 9 / SIZES AVAILABLE (m): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 / CONTROL SYSTEM: Fusion Control Bar BTB 


Smooth depower, with quick, reactive and controlled pivots, ideal for surf, foil or freeride action. 

Slash was a new model in the Naish lineup last season and was admired for its great drift and consistent pull desired from a pure wave kite. While the Pivot can work well in waves, the added drift and wave specific handling of the Slash made it a great wave kite for dedicated surf kiters and strapless riders. The newest version has some solid performance tweaks that make it a bit more versatile while maintaining its core wave roots. The all-around performance of the Slash has been improved by its slightly faster pivots and turn initiation, opening up the doors for more aggressive handling. With improvements to the speed and reactivity, the new Slash also has better boost with more lift and hang time than last year’s version. The leading edge has been narrowed which allows the Slash to push upwind with better drive and faster pull speed over last season’s version. Overall low end power on the Slash is solid, but less low grunt compared with some of the wave kites that can be downsized, the Slash remains true to its size for power delivery. Premium construction materials keep the Slash at the top of its game. Naish uses an exclusive Quad Tex rip stop nylon that is framed with their Octopus inflation system. This combo keeps the kite crisp and durable through heavy gusts and pounding surf. The Slash is designed to have smooth pulling pivots through the whole turn and is smooth and controlled across the window. Its smooth and solid handling is up there with the best in the test. The Slash can be flown aggressively and best suits the more aspiring wave and foil board riders. 


If you are used to the extra power of the Pivot, the Slash doesn’t have quite as munch punch. It’s not as snappy and quick turning as some of the wave kites but the refinement of its smooth and consistent pull through the turn keeps it toward the top of the leaderboard in the waves. 

Wave enthusiasts and multi-discipline freeriders that want a high performance, high depower kite that drifts well in the waves and can be used aggressively in any situation. 

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