SIZES TESTED(m): 7 / SIZES AVAILABLE (m): 5, 7, 9, 11 / CONTROL SYSTEM: CSeries 


Compact and nimble, smooth through the gusts and great drift and balance for the waves. 

The Eleveight brand of kites has stormed onto the scene with some proven kite designs from experienced designer Peter Stiewe. The WS is their wave kite of the four model, lineup and features a 3-strut open C hybrid canopy shape with a medium aspect ratio. Peter and his team of designers haven’t missed any attention to detail on these quality built and engineered designs. The WS proved to be a great kite in the waves, with quick pivotal turns, that are very central which mean little forward pull and light bar pressure. This kite has some of the tightest looping of any wave kite in the test. The WS drift is excellent and balanced for parking and bashing the lip. When needed the WS responds quickly to rider input and can get you into the right spot or out of the wrong one with solid control. The quick pivots let the rider change direction or loop the kite into the area of the window to get some solid turns, down the line. The 7 meter jumped with good lift, control and the kite has the ability to loop quick, ensuring you can nail those soft landings. Overall, this is a wave kite that can stand in as a general freeride kite or even as a progression model for learning to foil. The WS mid-aspect shapes and wingtip sweep ensure great quick and reliable water relaunch and the overall depower and stability of this kite make it suitable for a broad range of skills and disciplines. Wave riders will love the quick response, the tight loops and the well balanced drift this kite offers. 


Not as much low end for its size and bar pressure has less feedback than some freeride designs. Larger diameter leading edge makes it less slippery upwind than some. 


Intermediate to advanced wave specialists that want a quick turning and tight pivoting kite that can easily adapt for progression in other disciplines. 

Eleveight Kites