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2024 Eleveight Kitesurfing preview with Kevin Wade

Video Summary: Elevate Kitesurfing Products Discussion with Kevin Wade

  • Introduction:
    • Discussion with Kevin Wade, the Importer for Elevate, about their new kitesurfing products.
  • Process Board:
    • Elevate’s first board was the Process, introduced in the 2018 model year.
    • The current version is the seventh iteration with a full redesign.
    • Features:
      • New 3D molded top shape.
      • New bottom shape.
      • Retains the Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS system).
      • Designed by Franz.
      • Suitable for both beginners and professionals (“zero to hero”).
      • Single concave with rail channels leading to double concave at the nose and tail.
      • Available in sizes ranging from 135 to 149.
    • Process C+ Board:
      • A variant targeting larger riders, bridging the gap between beginner boards and performance boards.
      • Full 3D molded top shape with a full carbon top layer.
      • Available up to size 149×45 and starts from size 132.
      • Gloss finish, more premium aesthetics.
  • Size Recommendations:
    • No direct size chart on Elevate’s website, but some retailers offer them.
    • The Process C+ is recommended for those over 220 lbs and can also serve as a light wind board.
    • Pairs well with the Revo handle for added stiffness and versatility.
  • Graphics and Aesthetics:
    • The finish on the boards is commendable and aligns well with the kites’ design.
  • Kevin Wade’s Personal Choices:
    • Kevin rides the Master when using straps and the Commander when using boots.
    • Master Board:
      • Comes in sizes 135, 139, and 142.
      • Features a full carbon top sheet.
      • Carbon fiber stringers with a wood core.
      • Flexible and responsive, suitable for both beginners and pros.
    • Master C+ Board:
      • More aggressive and high-performance variant.
      • Features full carbon, offering snappy responsiveness.
    • Commander Board:
      • Stiffest and most aggressive board in the lineup.
      • Suitable for wakestyle and aggressive boot riders.
      • Features deep rail channels for grip and can be ridden finless.
      • Three-stage rocker for better upwind performance and knee protection.
      • Available in sizes 137 and 141.
  • New CS Auto Bar:
    • Features:
      • Auto swivel mechanism.
      • Rectangular center line with integrated safety.
      • Upgraded ball-bearing swivel for better performance.
      • Retains the V2 quickmatic quick release from the previous year.

Overall, the video provides a comprehensive overview of Elevate’s latest kitesurfing products, emphasizing innovations, design choices, and user benefits.

Eleveight Kite Summary

Eleveight introduces their latest addition: the V2 of the RS+. The company has opted for a staggered release strategy for its products to be more adaptive to changes, especially concerning new materials.

Key Highlights:

  1. RS+ V2 Features:
    • The RS+ V2 is the second version of their premium material kites and will be the brand’s flagship.
    • The RS kite has been a top-seller, with a notable mention of team rider Ryder Stein achieving one of the highest jumps on it.
    • The new RS+ V2 comes with the same Dania Tex material as the previous year but has undergone improvements for better performance. This dyneema-based fabric provides higher abrasion resistance, weight reduction, stiffness, and ease of repair.
    • The RS V2 is designed to offer more low-end power in response to customer feedback. Modifications include changes to wingtip geometry, panel cuts, and the leading edge’s shape.
    • Aesthetically, the kite boasts a dual-personality color scheme which many find appealing.
  2. Material Advancements:
    • Eleveight is using three different types of materials for its line-up after thorough testing.
    • The WS kite model is now available in XT light fabric, which gives the kite a livelier feel, improved light wind performance, and better responsiveness.
    • Weight savings in the kite mainly come from the XT light material and continuous refinements to the kite’s trailing edge geometry to maintain structural integrity.
  3. Outreach and Availability:
    • The complete range of Eleveight products and more information is available on their official website:
    • Eleveight has a vast network of retailers, ambassadors, and demo personnel. One notable mention is Edgar, who has been touring in the company van for around two years, conducting demos and documenting real-time reactions from users.

The summary concludes with an appreciation for the design and performance of Eleveight’s kites and the community’s genuine, positive reactions to their products.

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