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2024 Eleveight XS V4 Review

Size Tested: 12 m


The Eleveight XS V4 sets a new standard in the Big Air kiteboarding category, combining exceptional low-end power with nimble control, making it a versatile contender not just for Big Air enthusiasts but also for riders who enjoy mixing it up in the waves and freeride sessions. The kite’s design caters to those seeking not only the thrill of height and hangtime but also the finesse of wave riding and free movement.


The Eleveight XS V4 is acclaimed for its impressive low-end grunt, especially noted in the 12-meter size, which performs exceptionally without feeling cumbersome in lighter wind conditions. This kite stands out for its ability to make sweeping turns that generate significant pull, making the smaller sizes ideal for kite looping.

The five-strut construction of the XS V4 is designed to thrive in powered-up conditions, where the kite reveals its full potential with explosive lift and exceptional hangtime. The kite’s superior control and precision in extreme conditions make it a reliable choice for riders pushing the limits of Big Air.

The kite’s high aspect ratio and sophisticated delta hybrid design result in a balanced blend of power and manageability. The XS V4 has undergone optimizations to enhance load distribution, stability, and endurance, ensuring consistent performance over time.


While the Eleveight XS V4 excels in many areas, its specialization in high-powered maneuvers and big air might make it less suitable for absolute beginners or those looking for a more subdued riding experience. Additionally, its technical proficiency might require a higher skill level for optimal enjoyment and performance.


The Eleveight XS V4 is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders focused on Big Air, looping, and overall extreme kiteboarding conditions. Its versatility also caters to those who enjoy mixing their high-flying sessions with freestyle and wave-riding elements. The kite is designed for the adrenaline junkies and performance-oriented riders who demand the best in terms of lift, hangtime, and responsiveness.

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