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From The MagPro RidersKevin Wade Rep 411 Interview

Kevin Wade Rep 411 Interview

In this exclusive industry insider interview, we delve into the life and career of Kevin Wade, a prominent figure in the US kitesurfing community. From his early days catching air at Folly Beach, South Carolina, to founding Action Sports Logistics, Kevin’s journey is a testament to his passion for the sport and dedication to the industry.

Name: Kevin Wade

Hometown: Summerville, SC

Current Home: James Island, SC

Favorite Board and Kite: 8m Eleveight WS, 5’10” Curl Pro

Favorite Conditions: 25 knots, side-off, big waves

Other Pros You Ride With: Chris Bobryk, Billy Parker, Adam Super

Last Trick Landed: B2B Airpass

Kevin Wade in Grenada with Kite2Sail

Could you tell us a little about your kiting background and how you started Action Sports Logistics? What brands do you represent?

Kevin Wade: I began kitesurfing at Folly Beach, South Carolina, in February 2006 after my friend Mike Smith introduced me to the sport through a video on kitesurfing. My friend Bobby Singleton, who had learned the year before, helped Mike and me grasp the basics. I was immediately hooked and decided to immerse myself in the industry due to my passion for the sport and financial constraints. I moved to the Florida Keys to teach kitesurfing and scuba diving. Over the next decade, I progressed through various roles in the industry, including working in shops, teaching, retail management, and as a team rider, before landing my first sales rep position with HQ Kites. After a couple of years at HQ, I joined Best Kiteboarding in 2014, where I worked until founding Action Sports Logistics (ASL). ASL was created to address a need for reliable infrastructure in the U.S. for various brands, combining my industry experience with my business acumen to offer valuable services.

What impressed you most about Eleveight when you started working/riding for them?

The level of thought, organization, and passion in Eleveight’s business plan impressed me the most when I was approached about potential distribution. Transitioning from a steady income to investing all my savings into a new venture, especially during the year my daughter was born, was both exhilarating and daunting. However, the commitment and support from the Eleveight team, along with their professionalism and dedication, convinced me of the venture’s success, making me eager to be part of their journey.

What trends in the sport excite you most?

I’m most excited about the cutting-edge materials that expand the performance range for freeride kites, allowing for versatility in activities such as big air, foiling, and high-level kitesurfing with a single kite. The 10m RS+ kite has been a game-changer for me, replacing my need for separate kites for wave riding and freestyle. Additionally, the rise of winging is thrilling as it introduces more people to wind sports, bringing new enthusiasts to the water.

As Charleston, SC, is your home base, what’s your favorite spot to ride in Chuck Town?

My favorite spot to kitesurf in Charleston is the North End of Folly Beach.

What piece of kitesurfing gear impressed you most for 2024? Why?

The 10m RS+ kite has been the most impressive gear for 2024. Its speed, lightness, rigidity, and power allow it to serve multiple purposes without compromise, effectively replacing both my larger wave kite and my smaller freestyle kite.

What is in your personal quiver?

• Kites: 2024 Eleveight FS 14, 12, Eleveight RS+ V2 10, Eleveight WS V7 8m

• Surfboard: 5’10” Eleveight Curl Pro

• Twintip: 141 Eleveight Commander

What’s the best kitesurfing trip you have been on?

The best trip I’ve experienced was to Grenada with Kite2Sail. It was an amazing adventure!

What’s on your bucket list?

Top of my bucket list is a trip to Indonesia, renowned for its legendary waves and diving spots.

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