2019 Naish Thrust Surf Foil

The Naish Thrust Foil range are a system of foil set ups that can be used for kiteboarding, Surf, SUP and windsurf. The Naish Surf Large has the second largest surface area of wings in the Naish lineup. The shape of the wings remain unchanged from last season but with some upgrades to carbon construction that make them both lighter and stronger. The aluminum fuselage and mast system are completely modular and compatible with last year’s set up and the other Thrust Series wings. Test riders found it quick to plane, with smooth and predictable lift. The Thrust Large easily pumps onto foil with very minimal power from the kite. This set up was a favourite for its easy-cruising, stable turns. Its side-to-side carves are a bit more drawn and stable than some of the shorter fuselages and even slower carving foils of the group. The large surface area keeps the Naish on foil at very low speeds, but it still can get up to good speeds without maxing out as quickly as you might think with such a large foil. As it speeds up it does track harder and needs some additional front foot pressure to keep it down and in control, but it can be pushed remarkably hard and still feel comfortable. Like many of the larger wings they work better riding underpowered with smaller kites or in lighter winds. The Thrust tail can also be adjusted so if you do like cruising faster you can reduce the lift on the foil by angling the back wing down. The Thrust Large is a great choice for riders that want a light wind foil for carving into waves and learning full foil transitions. Great multisport foil that will work behind the boat or your kite, or in the waves with equal prowess.

2019 Head-to-Head Surf Foil Reviews