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Naish Zero Bar 50 cm Review – A Game Changer for Advanced Foilers

Diving into the world of kiteboarding, the gear you choose plays a pivotal role in dictating your experience. The Naish Zero Bar comes forward as a breath of fresh air, primarily targeting advanced foil and surf riders.

We Like: The first impression of the Zero Bar is its ultra-lightweight build and stripped-down design. By ditching the EVA typically found on other control bars, the Zero Bar offers a no-frills approach, aiming for pure performance. The use of 3K carbon ensures the bar is not just light, but also incredibly stiff, making it resistant to bending. This design choice ensures riders experience direct control without any compromise. The ultra-narrow (thin) bar combined with the snap shackle trim loop connection and clam cleat adjustable trim line is a testament to Naish’s dedication to providing the best. Especially when on a foil or riding waves where lines slacken often, the Zero Bar’s nimbleness and lightweight design ensures precise control and reduced hand fatigue. Naish has gone above and beyond with the Zero Bar’s durability. The replaceable Nylatron insert paired with titanium screws not only cuts down on wear and friction on the trim line but also minimizes the chances of screw heads stripping. With the premium TLS 400 lines, which measure 22+2 m, riders get a set of lines that not only withstand the elements but also cut through the air efficiently.

Quick Release: Safety is paramount. The snap shackle quick release is a gem. It’s robust like any standard snap shackle but stands out with its capability to release even under load – ensuring riders have an exit strategy when things get dicey. A quick word of caution, the snap shackle can accidentally release if you close it with sand in the connection. Rinse and go.

Adjustability: With features like an adjustable throw, 4 adjustment knots on the leader lines, and a Clam Cleat for reliable trimming, the Zero Bar offers a plethora of customization options to cater to every rider’s preferences.

Verdict: The best foiling kite bar! While the Naish Zero Bar might be a deviation from their traditional Fusion 2 bar, it’s evident that this alternative was crafted with a specific audience in mind. Advanced riders seeking lightweight, direct, and functional control will find the Naish Zero Bar to be a dream come true. Whether you’re carving waves or soaring on a foil, the Zero Bar promises an unparalleled connection between you and your kite. A perfect pairing with the Naish Boxer single strut kite for foiling. Highly recommended!

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